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How We Give


For each purchase you make at AZEERA, we give a portion of the proceeds to further education in India.



The story of AZEERA began when our fathers immigrated to New York from India to build a better future for their families. They worked tirelessly so that we would not face the same hardships they did. We were raised to appreciate our culture and to understand where our parents came from. Despite having grown up in the states, we still feel a strong connection to our ancestral heritage.

Without our roots, we would not have been able to start AZEERA.

This is why we have chosen to donate a percentage of each sale to further education in marginalized communities. We believe education is an invaluable resource and a building block to creating sustainable livelihoods for individuals in need.

Our partners work with communities to implement the Right to Education Act. The act guarantees eight years of free and compulsory elementary education for children between the ages of 6 and 14. The Act also mandates the government to make necessary provisions to fulfill the right to education of every child.


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