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Owning a custom AZEERA piece is easier and more affordable than you think.



Even before starting AZEERA, our friends and family approached us to make their engagement rings. As gemologists, we had the knowledge select quality materials and designs without the frustrations of dealing with a salesperson. We were also able to create these showroom quality pieces at affordable prices because we had little overhead and used fewer middlemen.

We founded AZEERA with this model. We hold no inventory and each piece is custom created as if we were making it for our friends and family. We also maintain lower overhead, as we, Puneet and Rohan, are the ones creating the designs and answering your questions. When you purchase a piece from AZEERA, you work directly with us.

We also avoid middlemen and stay true to the idea of keeping AZEERA as a family business. Our gems are supplied to us from our fathers’ wholesale businesses, which in turn are supplied by their brothers’ gem-cutting workshops in India and Thailand. Once your jewel is mined, it stays in our family hands.


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