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Understand the Best Metal for Men’s Wedding Band

Metal is metal, right? It is shiny and should be durable. Unfortunately, not all metals in jewelry are the same. While the popular metals throughout history such as brass, silver, gold and platinum, are valued for their rarity and luster, their ability to be malleable is one that makes them special in jewelry. The technical properties of each metal varies. We discuss it in detail in our education section, but we will also provide a brief overview here and explain why each is the best metal for men's wedding band.

How to choose a mens metal wedding band

You have many options when selecting a metal for wedding band settings without stones. They include: 14k White Gold, 18k White Gold, 14k Rose Gold, 18k Rose Gold, 14k Yellow Gold, 18k Yellow Gold, Platinum, and Palladium. There are 6 kinds of gold to choose from. How do you know which gold wedding band mens is the best for you?

The wedding bands for men gold purity is indicated by a number followed by the letter “k” or “karat.” Pure gold is represented by 24k, and so yellow gold mens wedding bands cannot be higher than that amount. Any amount lower indicates the percentage of relative to the 24. So 18k white gold mens wedding bands are 75% pure gold while 14k white gold wedding bands for men are 58.3% pure gold. While 24k men's yellow gold wedding bands are the most luxurious option, it is not the most practical. Pure gold is especially soft and malleable and is not suitable for daily wear unless it is handled with extra care. That is why we recommend a 14k or 18k yellow, white and rose gold mens wedding band. The additional alloys are added to your benefit strengthen the ring. This also means that a 14k yellow, rose gold and white gold mens wedding band is more durable than the 18k counterparts. It should also be noted that the higher the purity, the most expensive your white gold wedding band for men would be.

If you want something more durable than wedding bands for men white gold, we recommend you try platinum wedding bands for men or palladium wedding bands for him. Platinum mens wedding band are considered to be the most durable and strongest precious metal option for men’s wedding bands. Palladium is in the same group as platinum and has similar properties, so it is also worth considering.

Why buy a platinum wedding band for men from AZEERA?

At AZEERA, we are proud of the quality of our mens metal wedding bands. Each model including the rose gold men's wedding band comes with many services including: free shipping, free returns, free ring re-sizing, free gift packaging, and a free lifetime warranty. So as you design your unique mens wedding bands white gold, shop with confidence and know that we will be taking care of you every step of the way.

A common request for designs includes the platinum and gold mens wedding band. We take your requests seriously and hope to include the platinum and rose gold mens wedding band soon.

What are your thoughts on titanium wedding bands for men?

We do not recommend titanium wedding bands for men because it is a safety concern. Titanium is not a precious metal commonly used in jewelry because it is difficult to work with and an excellent conductor of heat. In the event of an emergency such as finger swelling, removing titanium mens wedding bands with saws or drills would be impossible without further injuring the finger. We strongly suggest you consider another metal.

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