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OverviewMost women want a ring that stands out from the crowd. While they may be attracted to current trends like a halo setting or sapphires, they still want...Read More

OverviewIf you are looking for unique gemstone engagement rings, Azeera is the place to shop. In our online store, you’ll be able to custom design a ring so...Read More

Engagements, Weddings, and More
Why Many Brides Choose Custom Sapphire Engagement Rings?
September 16,2016

Many people are headed to the Azeera store to design custom sapphire engagement rings. This isn’t just a hot new trend or the latest in-demand engagement ring style....Read More

Celebs, Gems, and Glamour
Top Celebrity Engagement Rings In 2017
August 26,2016

Because of their infinite options when choosing “the” ring for their special lady, celebrity engagement rings are always intriguing. Since they often have custom engagement rings, their “bling-blings” usually set trends for the upcoming season ....Read More

OverviewJust the word “Gemstone” rings with elegance and expense. For this reason celebrities tend to swarm to fabulous gemstone rings. But Azeera believe...Read More

OverviewThe beautifully crafted and polished stone was just the start of Nicole’s ever growing bold lifestyle. As the years have passed and Nicole has grown...Read More

OverviewCarefully-crafted quality with all of the brilliance and none of the fees associated with warehouse diamonds, Azeera is a place where you can come to ...Read More

OverviewTake a minute, close your eyes, and recreate the world around you. Marvel in the beauty of the earth and everything that it has created. Now envision ...Read More

Art of the Gem
Colored Stones are the Future: Gemstone Engagement Rings
December 17,2015

As time passes we are beginning to see more and more of our friends and celebrities wearing beautiful colored engagement rings. The classic diamond will surely never go out of style, but the new rising trend of gemstone rings is going to be a tough one to beat out....Read More

Art of the Gem
Express Your True Feelings With A Custom Gemstone Engagement Ring
December 17,2015

Just like Taylor Swift describes in the lyrics to her song Red, many feelings come with colors attached to them. So why not express those feelings in an engagement ring that really exemplifies all the feelings you have for her....Read More

OverviewNever before has the word “affordable” come with such depth of quality, such high-class elegance. A shine that could catch any eye and a unique ge...Read More

OverviewJust like you or I have our own individual fingerprints that separate us from the other 7.125 billion people on earth, each gemstone is an individual ...Read More

OverviewFrom Queen Elizabeth I, to princess Diana, to the new princess Kate Middleton, customized gemstone rings have been a huge part of the royal history. A...Read More

OverviewDesign your own custom gemstone ring that you will love. Whether it’s a gift for yourself or a potential engagement ring, Azeera’s customization p...Read More

Engagements, Weddings, and More
Design Your Engagement Ring Online!
December 17,2015

You already found the love of your life, so why settle for a ring you don’t love. Engagements are just as meaningful when you are given a unique engagement ring you adore so don’t stray from making the decision together just because it is supposed to be a surprise....Read More

Engagements, Weddings, and More
Should I Pick Out My Engagement Ring?
December 17,2015

Engagement rings are a big deal. If the stars align perfectly, your ring is a symbol of an eternity that you are going to spend with your partner. Your unique engagement ring is ideally going to sit on your finger the rest of your life, so you want it to be perfect....Read More

OverviewSo, you are about to pop the question, you found the one, the love of your life, the women that completes you. Congratulations! Now you get to pick ou...Read More