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Have you ever wondered how gemstones are mined, what the differences are between natural and synthetic diamonds, or how premium gemstones are cut and graded? Read the latest on AZEERA’s blog to learn about diamonds and gemstones, and find engagement ring ideas that will inspire you. With our blog, you can keep up with wedding ring trends and latest in the jewelry industry.

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Overview If you have chosen to read this guide, we must begin with congratulating you as you embark on the journey of life with your partner by your side.... Read More

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The Art of the Surprise Proposal

February 13, 2024

Planning a memorable engagement proposal is a timeless expression of affection that transcends ordinary gestures.... Read More


November 30, 2023

Commit to the future you’ve both been waiting for. Design your custom engagement ring with blue topaz today!... Read More

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How to Clean Rings at Home: Expert Tips to ...

September 03, 2023

Regular cleaning is essential to maintaining the shine and brilliance of your jewelry, whether it’s a simple ring you wear every day or a glamorous accessory you only take out on special occasions. Dirt, grime, and tarnish not only make your precious possessions look dull but also cause the metal ... Read More

How to Find Your Ring Size - and Tips for How ...

August 21, 2023

Knowing the correct ring measurement is essential when you’re shopping for a ring for yourself, your partner, or anyone else.... Read More

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Custom Handcrafted Jewelry: A Family Tradition

Inspired by the experience of our parents and grandparents, AZEERA is the continuation of a proud family tradition in handcrafted jewelry. With a thriving business and scores of satisfied customers, we strive to educate clients about what makes us different and invite them to learn the story behind each ring and cufflink piece so they can gather inspiration for engagement ring ideas.

Ethical Jewelry from Start to Finish

We source our gems from suppliers our families have known for generations and cut and grade our gemstones ourselves, in Jaipur India. This puts us in the unique position of tracking our gems from start to finish and ensuring a conflict-free and fair product for our customers.

A Passion for Colorful Gems

In addition to our unique business model, we set ourselves apart by focusing on the beauty of colorful gemstones and the classic choice of diamonds for engagement and wedding rings. Here, you’ll find wedding ring trends, design ideas, and suggestions for creating spectacular and affordable gemstone rings to rival even the largest diamond solitaire.

Make Your Custom Jewelry Dream a Reality at AZEERA

As you browse our blog posts and discover engagement ring ideas, we invite you to contact us for personalized support and step-by-step design advice for creating your very own custom ring. You are one of a kind—and you deserve a ring that truly allows you to sparkle! Read our blog posts and create the ring of your dreams today.

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