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About AZEERA Jewelry


Every AZEERA piece is proudly made in NYC using ethically sourced gems. We see jewelry as a fine art of balance, one that captures nature’s elemental beauty and man’s raw ingenuity. Inspired by contemporary design, AZEERA pieces are alive and an immediate part of the now while showcasing the delicate sparkle of our precision cut gems.


new york university


New York, USA

Puneet graduated university and began working as a Global Business Analyst.

new york uca


New York, USA

After two years as an analyst, Puneet decided to join his father in the family business.

hong kong prc


Hong Kong, PRC

Puneet trained under his uncle Kishan to further the knowledge in gemstones.

gia new york usa


New York, USA

Puneet enrolled at the Gemological Institute (GIA).

puneet venture


New York, USA

Puneet began laying the foundation for a joint venture.

azeera logo


New York, USA

Two months after graduating from GIA, Puneet incorporated AZEERA.

azeeras gems


New York, USA

Puneet soft launched the entire company almost from scratch.

elegant jewelry


New York, USA

AZEERA produces elegant jewelry for its clients with no plans of stopping.

A Family Jeweler for the Twenty-First Century: Find Out How It All Began

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About Us


Born into a legacy containing generations of gemologists, you could say that what we do is a family tradition. Puneet began AZEERA with a singular goal: produce the world’s highest quality artisan gemstones not only at affordable price for its clients, but in an attentive, personal way.

Puneet is very proud to have built this company from the ground up. Using the broad connections and rich knowledge passed down by his family and enhanced by an education he raised AZEERA into the quality driven, client focused brand that he is proud of today – and that continues to grow.

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Azeera Gems


The art of crafting and finding precious gems has been passed down to us for over 3 generations. Our great great grandfathers grew up in a time in India where ancestry determined trade or profession. Without question, they made the jewelry trade a part of their lives and found beauty and inspiration in gemstones. This view has not changed for us.

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Azeera Vision

Our Vision


Jewelry is our business and your love for AZEERA jewelry is our passion. From ancient times to the modern era, gemstones have gone through thousands of years of refining and the result is jewelry that, we at AZEERA feel, is the best in quality, color, cut and clarity for gemstones and precious metals known to mankind. We see jewelry as a fine art of balance, one that captures nature’s elemental beauty and man’s raw ingenuity. It is our ability to understand the marriage between gem and metal that is unmatched – and why we are proud to carry this legacy forward. From the delicate sparkle of the gem to the inspiring splendor of the mounting, we find no greater pleasure than sharing our artisan crafted pieces with you now, and as part of your own legacy, for decades to come.

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The world of jewelry is ancient, and there is room for anyone to learn. In order for our clients to best informed, we've created a thorough education program. This covers the basics of jewelry, as well as detailed information regarding specific gemstones. Should you have a question that is not explained, feel free to contact us and we will respond at our first opportunity.

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An Inspiring Legacy

For hundreds of years in India, your path in life was set from the moment you were born. If your parents and grandparents were farmers, then you were destined to be a farmer. If your parents were carpenters, then you would be taught carpentry from a young age.

In the early 1900s, our grandfathers were born into families that specialized in making exquisite jewelry with colorful gemstones. This trade and the knowledge associated with it was passed down from father to son until it was taught to us.

A Way of Life

While profession is no longer determined by ancestry for many children today, both of us—the founders—found the art of finding and crafting precious gems so intriguing that we decided to study gemology and carry our family businesses forward into the twenty-first century.

Having both been raised in the New York area by Indian parents, we have the unique privilege of blending western traditions with eastern values. Our forefathers conducted their businesses with discipline and passion, and their example inspires us to do the same in our company today.

The Art of Creating with Gemstones

Bringing out the full potential of a gemstone is a fine art, and we believe that each gem reaches its most stunning form through a careful balance between nature’s elemental beauty and man’s raw ingenuity. When a rough gem is selected for use in our handcrafted jewelry, it goes to our workshop in Jaipur, India, to be cut by skilled artisans. These expert craftsmen study each gem to identify the shape and size to which it naturally lends itself. This maximizes the beauty of each gem and minimizes waste.

Only the Finest Gems Pass the Test

In its final form, each of our gems retains only about 20% of its original weight. This is much less than the 50% that is common with diamonds and is necessary to ensure that the gem will meet our strict guidelines for the 4 C’s (clarity, cut, color, and carat).

We go to great lengths to ensure that our gems have the most vibrant colors, the most dazzling brilliance, and the most pristine polished surfaces possible. In order to achieve this, our gems are manufactured over the course of several phases with quality control inspections after each step. Only those gems that meet our high standards go on to be used in our unique, handcrafted jewelry.

Discover our Top-Class Gemstone Jewelry

Once the gemstones arrive at our office in New York, they go through one final quality-control evaluation and are then ready for placement in our customers’ personalized jewelry pieces. When you place an order for custom jewelry through our website, we hand-select the most ideal gem for your chosen setting. Every gem is a unique work of art, and with our handmade, American jewelry, we do our best to bring out nature’s true beauty in every piece.

Begin your gemstone journey by scheduling a call with our founders today.

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