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Ethical Sourcing


We care about where our gems are mined and how they are cut, and that’s why we work to provide you with only ethically sourced options.

Ethical Sourcing


Upholding and practicing ethical standards is important to AZEERA. One of the founders, Rohan, worked as Peace Corps Volunteer in a rural Kenyan village. In his travels along East Africa, he saw first hand the importance of sourcing material from conflict-free suppliers.

From those who mine our gemstones to our master gemstone cutter, we respect fair standards of labor practice and guarantee that our gems are conflict free – a promise that many jewelry warehouses cannot live up to.

We also cut all of our own stones in our workshop or source them from ethically reputable suppliers whom we have worked with for generations. For gems of particular value, such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds we use only trusted and established sources.


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