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The Ring Manifesto

The Ring Manifesto
How to Buy an Engagement Ring - Part 1: Basics and Budget
November 30, 2018

Unfortunately, we don't learn how to buy an engagement ring in school. You're on your own unless you know someone in the jewelry industry. Luckily, we're here to help....Read More

The Ring Manifesto
How to Find the Everyday Ring That’s Right for You
October 31, 2017

In a modern world of endless possibilities, finding the perfect one of anything can be difficult. Jewelry is no exception. You must choose wisely. Gemstone rings are more than just shiny metal and rocks. They represent enjoyment of the finer things in life and your curated tastes....Read More

The Ring Manifesto
What Your Ring Says About Your Personality: Part Three
March 20, 2017

You can tell a lot about a bride by what's on her finger. Let AZEERA find you the perfect gemstone cut to match your personality!...Read More

The Ring Manifesto
Is It More Expensive to Create Your Own Gemstone Ring?
August 11, 2017

Description: Is it more expensive to create your own gemstone ring? Discover the answer and design your new ring at AZEERA today....Read More

The Ring Manifesto
How to Choose a Gemstone Engagement Ring for Your Beloved
October 20, 2017

Want to surprise your beloved with a ring? We’ll give you great tips on how to choose a gemstone engagement ring that he or she will love!...Read More

The Ring Manifesto
Timeless Gemstone Rings | Create Your Engagement Ring With AZEERA
April 09, 2017

From Queen Elizabeth I, to princess Diana, to the new princess Kate Middleton, customized gemstone rings have been a huge part of the royal history. AZEERA believes however that gemstone engagement rings aren’t just for the rich and famous anymore....Read More