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Graduation time is upon us. As you begin searching for the perfect gift for your special graduate, many ideas will come to mind. How will you know which graduation jewelry piece is the best for your grad?

Start by making a list of some of the graduate’s important details, like their school colors, what kind of jewelry they like, and what size of jewelry do they typically wear (big or petite pieces)? Also, think about the kind of industry they are looking to get into after graduating. The industry may help in your jewelry style decision.

As you begin to piece together your grad’s likes and styles, you will narrow down the choices for their gift. Put the remaining challenges of finding your grad’s present behind you with our seven ideas to help narrow down your graduation jewelry gift list.

7 Luxury Graduation Gift Ideas

1. Watch

Time is of the essence when someone finishes college. The moment the diploma is within hand’s reach, most grads already have their eyes on the next job or where they are going. Help your special grad keep track of time this year with a watch they’ll carry through the ages.

Timeless, classic watches are always a great choice that never go out of fashion. It will keep the person from missing important events no matter what happens in life. Fashion watches are a great style accent for job interviews and many business jobs. You can’t go wrong with a classic timepiece for this year’s grad.

If your graduate is more into technology and keeping up with life by the wrist more than the phone, splurge on the graduation jewelry by getting a smartwatch. Your grad will thank you for the ability to keep track of everything at a moment’s notice.

2. Graduation Colored Earrings

Many graduates enjoy wearing their school colors to graduation. Celebrate with earrings inspired by our black and white diamond ring below or gemstone earrings that fit the colors of their graduating school. This piece of graduation jewelry is a timeless trend that won’t fade just because the school years are over. Your special grad will enjoy wearing those thoughtful earrings for years to come.

two stacked gold metal bands with black onyx and white pave diamonds in a v-shaped design Toi et Moi Ring

3. Toi et Moi Ring

Another luxury graduation gift idea is a Toi et Moi wrap ring. Pair the colors in these rings to help your grad shine in future interviews and as they build working relationships. Dazzling Toi et Moi rings quickly attract fashion praise. Your new grad will love the chic appearance of the diamonds and gems that you choose to share with them.

Our Viparyaya ring is an excellent show of the Toi et Moi wrap ring. Bring together their graduation colors in this delicate, trendy band.

4. Bracelet Handbag

Bracelet bags are still trending in the handbag world. They are overtaking the industry due to their design, effectiveness to carry every crucial item, and comfort level for the wearer.

Although they may not seem like jewelry, they are taking the place of bracelets. A graduation jewelry bag would be perfect for the grad heading to a big city or traveling abroad. These practical little wrist bags carry everything a new grad would need on an average day. The bag is close at hand and easy to keep track of, especially in new, busy places.

5. Solid Gold Earrings

Graduates going out into a professional working field would appreciate the classic look of solid gold earrings. This graduation jewelry choice is a must-have for those interviewing with high-class companies who want to show their worth from the moment they shake hands with the interviewer.

Go for a little extra brilliance in the earrings by adding sapphire gemstones to the gold setting. This look has been a favorite for years and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon.

Man in white shirt, blue tie, and black suspenders holding his shirt cuff with black cufflink, gold watch, and gold ring.

6. Cufflinks

An excellent luxury graduation gift for men is cufflinks. Cufflinks are classic fashion pieces that are still very much on trend. You are guaranteed to impress an employer as an applicant or new employee when you walk into the room wearing the refined accessories against the backdrop of a nice suit.

Select the gift of graduation cufflink jewelry for your grad like our Manin Gemstone cufflinks. Cufflinks still display a level of class and personal confidence in young professionals. He will not think twice when walking through interview doors and confidently shaking hands while showing off his cufflinks.

We understand that not all guys like sparkly gems shining off their cufflinks. We offer stone-free cufflinks like our Bhrastra White Gold cufflinks. The design of these cufflinks by themselves is sure to grab the attention of anyone in the room.

7. Custom Engraved Jewelry

Add a special touch of personalization to your graduation jewelry with custom engraving. Whether it be the year, their initials, or school name, the touch of personalization will send a special message with your gift.

Give your grad something extra to remember by engraving their luxury graduation gift. Azeera is happy to provide complimentary engraving for many of our jewelry pieces. We offer this request up to 15 characters.

About Azeera

Azeera is an online diamond and gemstone store. Our founders, Puneet and Rohan, have been in the jewelry business for many years, and they have spent a lifetime working with suppliers who provide ethical diamonds and gemstones.

Picking jewelry can be a complex task. We specialize in rings and cufflinks and enjoy making you happy with your new jewelry. Our founders are always open for a scheduled consultation. We guarantee our products with a refund policy and lifetime warranty.

We know that you will be happy about your new graduation jewelry and that your special grad will love every moment of wearing it. Shop Azeera today to find the perfect luxury graduation gift for your graduate!

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