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 Statement Pave Lolaka Aquamarine Ring with Blue Sapphire in 14k White Gold

We've got the blues, and so does most of America. By "blues," we mean the color blue of course. Blue gemstones are by far the most color popular color among Americans, and for good reason too. It's so versatile: masculine and feminine, modern and classical, and electrifying and subtle.

The two gems synonymous with the color blue are aquamarine and blue sapphire. Aquamarines are lighter and more playful, while blue sapphires are bold and regal. Together they combine to make a wonderful and exciting jewelry. It's no surprise, aquamarine and sapphire rings are a popular choice.

People often buy a aquamarine and sapphire jewelry because it represents their birthstones. Aquamarine and blue sapphire are the birthstones for March and September respectively. Even if those months aren't significant to you, you can still enjoy the pair.

A Guide to Aquamarine and Sapphires Rings Pricing

Classic Kara Blue Sapphire Band with Aquamarine in 14k White Gold

Though they are both blue, aquamarine and blue sapphire are both very different gemstones.

Aquamarine is often found in a light grayish blue color. It is anywhere from two to eight hundred dollars per carat depending on the quality and color. AAA aquamarine is in the middle of that range.

Average fine blue sapphire in a dark navy blue. It can be a few hundred dollars per carat to a few thousand based on the quality and intensity of color. The quality used for AAA is about one thousand dollars per carat.

The smaller the gem is, the less the price difference is between the two gems. You can also expect the prices to be less than diamonds. How you design aquamarine and sapphire rings depends on your budget and the colors you want to show.

Which Sapphire and Aquamarine Ring is Best for You

Not all aquamarine and sapphire jewelry are the same. How you pair the colors, what size stones, and design all matter when it comes making a ring. Our team of designers have identified a few common styles for you to go by.

Focus - One Big and Many Small Gemstones

Halo Pave Oval Palya Blue Sapphire Ring with Aquamarine in 14k White Gold

Do you prefer one blue over another? Try a design that features one large center stone with many accent stones. These are engagement or cocktail style rings. The center of attention is the center stone, but the accent stones make it complete.

Large blue sapphires make exceptional rings and statement pieces. They are historical and iconic, but come with a higher price tag. Average rings start at about $1000 for a one carat AAA blue sapphire.

Large aquamarine are also elegant. They were especially popular in Art Deco styles. Also, they are more affordable than their counterpart. Average rings start at about $600 for a one carat stone aquamarine.

Balance - All Small Gemstones

Eternity Pura Blue Sapphire Band with Aquamarine in 14k White Gold

Rather than making a statement with size, you can show off with patterns and color. One of our most popular gifts are aquamarine and sapphire rings with an alternating pave.

Neither color is dominant over the other. You get a refreshing balance that represents both blue gemstones.

The price of aquamarine and sapphire jewelry will depend on the setting style and the size of the gems. A petite half eternity design will start at about $500, while a full petite eternity will be from $700

Alternative - Three or More Colors

Simple Floral Pave Prabadara Peridot Ring with Aquamarine & Blue Sapphire in 14k White Gold

You're not only restricted to only two colors when designing a ring. You can have fun with a third. Blue is a cool color and you can add a warm color for contrast. Popular warm colors include citrine (yellow orange), peridot (yellow green), and pink tourmaline (pink).

If you rather have a more subtle piece, try adding diamond. It's a neutral color that doesn't detract from either blue, and only makes the piece more elegant.

What our Designers Think - Chat with an Expert

How ever you decide to customize a ring, our design team recommends by starting with the basics. Aquamarine and sapphire rings are elegant in all variations. The best starting step: identify the budget and general style (focus, balance, or alternative). From there you can pinpoint an exact setting style that suits your special moment.

Our design team is always willing to work with you to help you find the best aquamarine and sapphire jewelry. You can schedule a one-on-one consultation here to get started.

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