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June is Pride Month and a great time to share the joys of being part of the LGBTQ+ community. This June, make a statement with Pride rings and other jewelry that shows who you are in all your beauty. Share this special month with another person by gifting them with new rainbow-colored jewelry. Check out our six ways to exhibit custom Pride jewelry so that you can celebrate your pride fashion with others!

Diamonds and Gemstones

Most of the time, when we hear about jewelry, our minds directly go to diamonds. However, gemstones are becoming a trend to pair with all kinds of jewelry. Pair your Pride rings with gemstones and diamonds to make eye-catching statements about the beauty that encompasses this month of Pride! Since gemstones are colorful natural stones, you can share your pride with all the colors representing you and the LGBTQ+ community this June.

6 Custom Jewelry Ideas For Pride Month

1. Promise Rings

Do you have a wonderful person that you want to make a promise to this year? Why not show your commitment of love with a promise ring? Promise rings are great for letting someone know that you are committed but just not ready to pop the official question yet. These gestures of love and care can help bring you and your partner closer and build trust in each other.

Our Modern Open Grasa ring with amethyst and diamond is a stunning ring for your beloved partner. This Pride ring brings together the union of love and spirit as it shows the promise of your devotion through this life.

2. Anniversary

Celebrate your anniversary with custom Pride jewelry that speaks to the love shared between you and your spouse for the past years. You can customize this jewelry gift to colors that represent your love and relationship.

Our Bezel Iksa ring with a peridot gemstone unites the expression of love with the elements of nature in your relationship for years to come. Add a gold band to this Pride ring and show off an even richer perspective of your relationship within the LGBTQ+ community.

The left hands of two men on top of one another showing wedding bands on both hands
Eternity Wedding Rings

3. Eternity Wedding Rings

Are you taking the vow this year? Eternity Wedding Rings are making a stand in the LGBTQ+ arena. Diamonds and gemstones encircle the ring’s entire band, creating a prominent display of a love that is unbreakable. This is a great year to come together and start this new journey in life.

Share your marriage vows together over our Pride eternity rings like the Eternity Rathagga band or the Eternity Anvita band paired with diamonds and garnet or ruby stones. The red and clear gems that symbolize the two lives you are bringing together will speak to your pride in choosing your loved one as a life-long partner.

4. Engagement Rings

If this is the year that you plan to get on one knee and ask the most important question of your life, then an engagement Pride ring should be at the top of your priority list. Find a ring that speaks to your partner's personality and the love shared between the two of you. Add a touch of blue or turquoise to your pride jewelry to bring out the perfect sign of harmony and magic that your love puts in your life.

Our Halo Octagon Dasi ring is a stunning engagement ring. Pair the stones with our aquamarine and blue sapphire to bring together the old and new versions of blue Pride. In the case of this ring, you will show the world the beautiful, magical art of harmonious love between two united people.

5. Casual Rings

Sometimes, you just want a ring to go to the parade, festival, or protest and show a little color. Here are some simple, everyday custom Pride ring ideas to bring forth your beliefs or to gift to someone else.

  • Bezel Dvidala ring - show your Pride in one of the newest colors added to the Pride Flag, black.
  • Pavé Zalya ring - show your dedication to not allowing the past to repeat itself by wearing a pink triangle ring.
  • Open Marquise Puccha band - share the gift of healing with a friend who has or is struggling with the effects of being part of the LGBTQ+ community. This intricate yet straightforward band with a citrine gemstone will go a long way in their journey to healing as they see the pride you have in them when they wear it.

rose gold modern open band with pride ring colors of sapphire peridot and amethyst gems 
Flag-Stone Rings

6. Flag-Stone Rings

Usually, you hear people talk about birthstone rings, jewelry made out of the beautiful color month that you were born in or the month when you opened up to the world about your sexuality. However, now, you can make a Pride ring stack by combining any number of rings to comprise the colors of the Pride Flag. Here are a few Pride jewelry ring ideas to bring the colors together.

Find Your Perfect Pride Month Jewelry

Azeera is happy to work with you to customize the perfect Pride jewelry for this year's Pride Month. Feel confident to share your voice of pride all year with one of our stunning Pride rings. Shop Azeera to choose your setting and colors for the life you are proud to be living!

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