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Art of the Gem
Getting Lucky: Bejeweled Treasures at the End of the Rainbow
January 29, 2021

Have you ever looked up at a rainbow in the sky and imagined finding a pot of gold at the end? ...Read More

Art of the Gem
Conflict-Free: What It Means, and Why It's Important
June 21, 2020

At first glance, the idea of conflict-free engagement rings seems obvious. After all, aren’t engagement rings supposed to be about love? Unfortunately, the story behind many of the diamonds you see in stores is not as happy as it might appear. Read on to learn about ethical diamonds and why they ...Read More

Art of the Gem
The Origins and History of Ruby
May 14, 2020

Of all the gemstones known to man today, ruby is one of the most valuable of them all. The red-hued variety of the corundum mineral and one of the four “precious gemstones,” ruby is second in hardness only to diamond. ...Read More

Art of the Gem
Gemstones in Astrology: Diamond
April 07, 2020

The brilliant sparkle and fire of a diamond is unmatched among all of the gemstones on earth, and diamond has an important place in astrology, as well. Discover the meaning of a diamond astrology ring in the Vedic tradition and see what this beautiful gemstone could do for you. ...Read More

Art of the Gem
Gemstones in Astrology: Peridot
February 14, 2020

For those who are looking for more love, happiness, and positivity in life, a peridot gemstone could be a perfect choice. ...Read More

Art of the Gem
Gemstones in Ancient and Sacred Texts
November 30, 2019

The world of gemstones is a fascinating area of study that is as infinite and endless as the physical gemstones in existence. ...Read More

Art of the Gem
How New Technology is Helping Change the Jewelry Industry
September 01, 2019

How New Technology is Helping Change the Jewelry Industry ...Read More

Art of the Gem
What are synthetic diamonds? Part 1
October 03, 2018

In this series of blog posts, we will discuss what are synthetic diamonds, how they are entering the market, and what that means to you. ...Read More

Art of the Gem
Colored Stones: Setting A New Standard Part 3
June 08, 2017

Let AZEERA do the leg work, we craft only the highest quality AAA grade gemstones. Making buying the perfect stone twice as easy. Create your custom ring today! ...Read More

Art of the Gem
Pink Tourmaline Engagement Rings: Keeping Your Relationship at its Peak
May 27, 2017

Tell her you love her with something she will love today. Design your custom engagement ring with pink tourmaline today! ...Read More

Art of the Gem
Citrine Engagement Rings: For Relationship Success
October 27, 2017

Design your custom gemstone engagement ring with a citrine stone today, and fall in love for the second time. ...Read More

Art of the Gem
Amethyst Engagement Rings: Love Again
August 07, 2017

It’s shocking what one little (or huge) stone can do for your love. Make your wedding special, even if it’s not your first go around. ...Read More

Art of the Gem
Colored Stones are the Future: Gemstone Engagement Rings
February 20, 2017

As time passes we are beginning to see more and more of our friends and celebrities wearing beautiful colored engagement rings. The classic diamond will surely never go out of style, but the new rising trend of gemstone rings is going to be a tough one to beat out. ...Read More