Honoring the Classics: How to Choose the Perfect Halo Ring Setting

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From outstanding engagement rings to anniversary gifts and beyond, a halo ring setting can offer the perfect blend of classic and contemporary aesthetics. This stunning style capitalizes on both primary and secondary stones for a striking and balanced visual impact. To help you navigate the field and choose the perfect ring, we’ve put together this guide on halo gemstone rings—including what to look for and a few of our favorites.

What Exactly Is a Halo Ring Setting?

A halo ring features a single primary stone—similar to a solitaire configuration—but with a series of smaller stones surrounding the center stone. It’s worth noting that the center stone can be of any shape, including classic round, emerald cut, princess cut, or even trillion cut.

AZEERA Trillian Dvipa Halo Gemstone Ring with Diamond and Aquamarine

Benefits of a Halo Ring

There are several reasons to select a halo ring setting, from aesthetics to symbolism. Here are a few of the top factors one might consider:

Gemstone Pairings

One of the strengths of a halo gemstone ring is the potential to combine various gemstones with diamonds or other colorful stones. A popular and time-honored option with this type of ring is to combine a central gemstone, such as a ruby or sapphire, with a halo ring setting comprised of small, elegant pavé diamonds. This configuration can also be done in the reverse, with a brilliant central diamond ringed by another color of stone. The contrast in color—along with the potential for multi-layered meaning to match the aesthetic—is one of the most favored aspects of the classic halo ring style.

Dimensionality & Size

By nature of its design, a halo ring setting offers an impressive visual appeal. This is in part because of the contrast in color to be found with a gemstone ring, but also in the variance of size and shape of stones within a single design scheme. While halo gemstone rings can vary significantly in overall size, they tend to appear larger than single-stone rings with classic bands. The addition of pavé diamonds or other gemstones on the band itself can also be incorporated to seamlessly complement the bold design of a halo ring setting.

Symbolic Meaning

The symbol of the halo has many powerful, historical, and meaningful associations. Long held as a symbol of enlightenment, sacredness, and eternity, the halo has spanned cultures and international settings for millennia. For this reason, halo gemstone rings are often favored for their use in wedding and engagement rings.

AZEERA Pave Attala Halo Ring Setting with Blue Sapphire and Diamonds

How to Choose a Halo Ring Setting

As is true of all styles of wedding and engagement rings, selecting the right halo gemstone ring is a matter of individual vision, knowledge, and personal taste. Whether you’re shopping for yourself, your special someone, or a combination of the two, here are a few key questions to keep in mind:

Will this be for occasional or everyday wear?

Halo ring settings are a popular choice for day-to-day wedding jewelry, which is often worn consistently day-to-day. If this is the case, it may be worth considering whether your choice of ring design pairs subtly and effortlessly with a variety of looks or if it has more of a statement jewelry appeal.

Do I prefer something classic or current?

While these are far from mutually exclusive categories, it is a good idea to evaluate whether an antique-style halo gemstone ring or a more modern design is preferred. Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to peruse a variety of halo ring settings and engagement ring styles and eras, including Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and others, to find a source of inspiration for your favorite historical design elements.

Which gemstones hold the most meaning for the wearer?

Each unique gemstone is rife with symbolism, from love and loyalty to strength and intelligence. Color can play a major role, while factors like birthstone and shape can also influence the overall symbolism of a piece of jewelry. There may be a particular history or region associated with your gemstone or gemstones of choice, all of which can factor in to customizing the ideal ring.

Will this ring be worn with other rings?

If you’re designing your ring from scratch, it can be valuable to have a clear sense of whether your halo gemstone ring will be paired with a band. Ideally, an engagement ring and wedding ring will fit together perfectly on the finger. If you’re working with an expert gemologist on the craftsmanship of your halo ring setting, it’s worth mentioning this overall vision to ensure the best possible outcome.

AZEERA Milgrain Pave Karkata Halo Gemstone Ring with Ruby and Diamonds in 14K White Gold

At AZEERA, we’re dedicated to helping our customers discover or design the perfect ring. Explore a variety of gemstones, metals, cuts, and styles to create a halo gemstone ring you and your loved one will treasure for a lifetime. Get the latest inspiration and insights with the AZEERA blog, or schedule a call with a gemstone expert for help executing your vision. Our gemstones are conflict-free, ethically sourced, and backed by a lifetime guarantee on craftsmanship. We look forward to assisting you in your journey toward finding the perfect piece.

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