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Celebs, Gems, and Glamour
2021 on Ice: Celebrating With Sparkling New Pieces
December 01, 2020

This year is certainly one that we’ll remember for a long time, one that has brought sadness — and renewal — to families around the globe. ...Read More

Celebs, Gems, and Glamour
Which Months Have Multiple Birthstones, And Which One Should I Choose ?
July 21, 2020

Everyone loves wearing the gemstone of their birth month due to the unique meaning and historical significance behind each type of stone, but did you know that some months have more than one birthstone ...Read More

Celebs, Gems, and Glamour
Spotlight on Birthstone Jewelry: Topaz
January 03, 2020

A November birthday is a wonderful thing—in the Northern Hemisphere, you’re heading towards the winter holidays and hot chocolates by the fireplace. ...Read More

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