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An engagement ring is an investment that could enter the annals of history, and for larger budgets, luxury engagement rings provide an unmatched display of opulence. For the most durable and flashy high-end engagement rings, we recommend a setting of platinum with precious and semi-precious stones. Here are seven of our favorite designs to inspire your luxury engagement masterpiece.

Ornate Halo Pavé Bhramana Diamond Ring in Platinum

Ornate Halo Pave Bhramana Diamond Ring

If your aim is to see diamonds from all angles, the Ornate Halo Pavé Bhramana Diamond Ring is a perfect choice. The split-shank channel cathedral design expertly weaves together eye-catching modern asymmetry with a modified ornate halo that holds your 1.7 CT brilliant round. The platinum band is studded with natural pavé rounds for a piece that’s literally dripping with diamonds.

To personalize your luxury engagement ring, consider a band of white or yellow gold or a center stone made from ruby or sapphire. We’ve used platinum simply because it’s the strongest metal, but 14k gold is also an excellent choice. This ring can be made with a larger center stone — whether a diamond or a colored gem. Simply click on “Need a bigger stone?” on the product page to receive a custom quote for your desired gem.

Three Stone Oval Pavé Vapra Ruby Ring with Diamond in Platinum

Three Stone Oval Pave Vapra Ruby Ring

High-end engagement rings are especially luxurious because of the rarity and size of the gem. In our Three Stone Oval Pavé Vapra Ruby Ring, we’ve set a 1CT conflict-free ruby between two 1CT natural diamonds in a modern split-shank platinum band. Round brilliant diamond pavé graces most of the band’s circumference for added luxury and an unmatched sparkle.

In place of ruby, you could consider selecting a blue sapphire or red garnet for the center stone and a band of white or yellow gold. The crown-like style of this extravagant piece lends itself easily to a range of hues, and we can literally create any combination of gems and metals that your heart desires for this or any of our other luxury engagement rings.

Three Stone Pavé Varsa Blue Sapphire Ring with Diamond in Platinum

Three Stone Pave Varsa Blue Sapphire Ring

Blue sapphires have taken the world of luxury engagement rings by storm since Diana’s — and then Kate Middleton’s — engagement ring was featured on the international news. In this Three Stone Pavé Varsa Blue Sapphire Ring, three stunning precious gems adorn an adventurous braid-loop band that is studded with small, brilliant round diamonds.

For the ultimate personalization, consider sizing up the round sapphire centerpiece and/or the pear-shaped diamond accents. You could also replace the sapphire with a ruby or the diamonds with a gemstone like aquamarine or Swiss blue topaz. To enjoy the look of a luxury engagement ring on a smaller budget, choose a 14k white-gold band and colored stones. Whichever gemstones and metals you choose, this ring is guaranteed to look fabulous!

Art Deco Three Stone Halo Devi Aquamarine Ring with Diamond in Platinum

Art Deco Three Stone Halo Devi Aquamarine Ring

While most luxury engagement rings feature diamonds, the center stone doesn’t necessarily have to be a precious stone like a ruby or blue sapphire. In our Art Deco Three Stone Halo Devi Aquamarine Ring, we’ve taken advantage of the greater affordability of the semi-precious aquamarine gem and the extravagant look of a halo design to create a ring that’s larger than life.

To add more color to this sparkling piece, consider replacing the trillion-cut diamond accents with blue sapphire or amethyst. You can also swap the platinum for yellow gold. To make the ring even more extravagant, upsize the carat of the feature gems!

Modern Cushion Pavé Dola Diamond Ring in 14k Yellow Gold

Modern Cushion Pave Dola Diamond Ring

High-end engagement rings can be diamond-only or a mixture of diamonds and colored gems. In our Modern Cushion Pavé Dola Diamond Ring, we’ve placed the square cushion-cut center diamond in a four-prong setting, accented with a ribbon of sparkling diamond pavé that pops against the yellow-gold, split-shank band.

The best luxury engagement rings — like this one — offer a streamlined, classic, timeless look. The combination of diamonds and yellow gold is especially chic and one that women have happily worn for over a century. However, if you prefer to stand out, the center diamond can easily be swapped for a ruby, garnet, blue sapphire, or amethyst.

Three Stone Bypass Bhramati Garnet Ring with Diamond in 14k White Gold

Three Stone Bypass Bhramati Garnet Ring

Up for something a little different? This Three Stone Bypass Bhramati Garnet Ring adds a fun twist to the three-stone concept with a stylish asymmetrical knife-edge band. A passionate red garnet center stone contrasts with two pear-shaped diamonds and an artsy platinum band that speaks for itself.

While we personally love this design as it is, you could increase the overall value of the ring by replacing the garnet center stone with ruby. For more color, swap the diamonds for amethysts or pink tourmaline. We’re more than happy to accommodate your idea for the perfect luxury engagement ring.

Three Stone Nala Amethyst Ring with Diamond in 14k White Gold

Three Stone Nala Amethyst Ring

To round off our list of luxury engagement rings, we have this elegant Three Stone Nala Amethyst Ring with Diamond in 14k White Gold. Like the Bhramati Garnet Ring, the beauty of this piece is concentrated in the three sparkling feature stones, which contrast the appeal of diamonds and gems.

For this minimalist but brilliant cathedral ring, you can achieve an eye-popping result with any metal and colored center gem that is strong enough to be worn every day. For a sturdy ring, try blue sapphire or ruby with a band of platinum or 14k gold.

Enjoy the Red-Carpet Experience at AZEERA

High-end engagement rings sparkle even brighter with ethical gems and a red-carpet customer service experience. At AZEERA, we go to great lengths to source only conflict-free gemstones and examine each gem seven times to ensure that only the best are used.

When you shop for luxury engagement rings at AZEERA, our founders will be there to guide you every step of the way and provide continued support after purchase with complimentary engraving, free shipping, and a lifetime warranty on craftsmanship. Are you ready for the red-carpet jewelry experience? Schedule a callback with our founders today!

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