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Buying rings online is a very enjoyable experience. But, after you’ve spent weeks browsing potential models and sharing designs with your significant other, and settled on “the one,” your head is suddenly filled with questions at checkout. What if the ring doesn’t fit my finger? What if I pay and the ring never arrives? Before you buy an engagement ring online, it’s important to do your due diligence. Here are our top tips for purchasing gemstone rings online.

1. Check the Reviews

The number one issue when buying rings online is establishing trust. If a jewelry brand is legitimate, it should have dozens (if not hundreds) of positive reviews about the customer service and quality of the product.

As well as looking on the site itself, check reviews on Trustpilot, iVouch, Google reviews and Yelp. If you see consistently glowing reviews, you’ll know that you’re dealing with a trustworthy brand.

2. Look for Professional Affiliations

All serious jewelers are members of at least one professional association, and two common associations to look for when buying rings online in the United States are the Jewelers Board of Trade and the American Gem Trade Association.

In addition to gem- and jewelry-specific labels, a business may (and should) be associated with general trade or business groups as well. For example, AZEERA carries the label “Made in NYC” and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

3. Research the Value of Similar Pieces in the Market

Buying rings online — just like buying a ring in a shop — should never be a five-minute affair. To make sure you’re not being charged an exorbitant price, you need to find out a little about the way prices are calculated and the approximate market value of your chosen design.

To calculate the value, jewelry appraisers typically take into account the metal type, gemstone type and size, gemstone grade (based on the 4C’s), and the condition that the piece of jewelry is in. We provide detailed information about the metals, gemstones, grades, and carat of each piece when you are buying rings online to make it easy to ensure that our prices are reasonable.

4. Ask for a Certificate of Authenticity

An ornate gold ring with a green quartz center stone

If you’re even considering buying an engagement ring online, you will want a certificate of authenticity. These certificates are always provided with genuine GIA diamonds and should be supplied with colored center gemstones as well.

A certificate of authenticity is a report from a certified gemological laboratory confirming that the gem is authentic (not an imitation or lab-grown gem) and confirming the carat and identity of the gem. At AZEERA, we provide certificates with every colored center stone and every diamond worth $500 or more.

5. Ask for a Free Ring Sizing Guide

The next challenge when buying rings online is knowing which ring size will fit your finger. It’s a little like purchasing clothes or shoes from a distance — you can’t “try before you buy.”

The best way to ensure your ring fits correctly is to measure a ring that you currently have (and that you use on the same finger as the new ring) or to order a free ring sizing guide from the jeweler who will be crafting your ring. We offer a printable ring size guide or can send you a physical sizing guide, and offer one free ring resizing with every purchase (eternity rings are resized for an additional fee).

6. Check the Returns Policy Carefully Before Purchase

Even after doing your due diligence, checking reviews and measuring your finger for size, there is still a chance something about the ring won’t be “quite right.” In these situations, it’s essential to know if you can return the ring, under which conditions, and whether a fee will be deducted from the original price.

At AZEERA, we offer a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee with free return shipping and 100% of your money back. We usually find that our customers are so happy with their rings that very few pieces (if any) are returned!

7. Communicate Every Step of the Way

Our final tip for buying rings online is to communicate from beginning to end. Any online jeweler who takes their customers seriously will be happy to answer your questions and provide education about gemstones, metals, and suggested designs.

As you make your decision and buy your engagement or gemstone ring online, the company should keep you informed about the successful transaction, when the piece is shipped, and follow up to see whether you received your ring and how satisfied you are with your purchase.

Enjoy an Exceptional Jewelry Experience at AZEERA

At AZEERA, we are a small family business that is dedicated to personalized service and an unparalleled experience. Since 2014, our customers have given us over 1,000 five-star reviews and many have come back again and again.

Buying Rings Online at AZEERA

When you enter our site, you can browse hundreds of CAD-modeled ring and cufflink designs and customize the gemstones and metals to your taste. With each modification, our site provides you with the exact price of the ring — adjusted to match the selected materials.

While browsing our site, you can contact our founders via instant message during business hours to discuss ideas or to pick our brains about gemstones. We can also schedule a 15-minute callback if there’s something specific you’d like to discuss.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

After making your purchase, we offer free, fully insured shipping, free returns, free resizing, and lifetime warranty on your piece. We’ve sought to make the process of buying rings online easy for our customers, and we think you’ll absolutely love the experience!

Are you ready to buy an engagement ring online or explore our glittering everyday rings? View our designs by theme or gemstone and schedule a callback with a founder today.

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