Citrine’s tangy name comes from its warm vivid color. Citrine is one of the most aptly named gemstones for its appearance. Hues of bright, sunshine yellow to umber in color are a part of the citrine family. Our citrine stones bring out their rich, luxurious quality and strength that might draw them closer to your heart as well.


The contemporary birthstone for the month of November, citrine represents the planet Jupiter.

In Indian Vedic astrology, citrine is said to be a complementary stone for natives born under the Zodiac signs Leo, Gemini, Aries and Libra. If matched well with an individual, the stone is believed to bring sudden enhancements in wealth, abundance and prosperity.

Vedic tradition also considers citrine a stone that brings forth happiness, joy and energy. Citrine is one of the best matches for Leos – as it aligns well with the sun – and Leos are ruled by the sun. For those who are born within Gemini, the stone encourages peace of mind, and is said to enhance a person’s intellect. For Aries and Libras, it helps with problem solving, mental stability, spatial awareness and motivation, which are all good for preparing and following through with a plan. It is also helpful with balancing emotions and self-confidence.

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