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Born into a legacy of gemology, AZEERA CEO / Founder Puneet Agrawal carry their ancestors’ tradition of fine gems forward. For three generations, his family established themselves as colored stone traders in the renowned city of Jaipur, India. With AZEERA, Puneet draws upon his abundant knowledge and experience to continue his families’ heritage.


Azeera History



AZEERA founder Puneet was born into a legacy of gemology practiced by generations before him. Carrying the tradition forward, he came up with the idea for AZEERA while studying gemology in New York.

Puneet launched AZEERA with a goal to produce the world’s highest quality artisan gemstones. Being personally involved with the operation of their business from sourcing to sale meant he was able to focus on what mattered most - providing the best experience, product, and price to his clients.

Puneet is very proud of building this company from concept to reality by using the broad range of connections and rich knowledge passed down to him by his family. AZEERA is committed to remaining active in every facet of our production process, ensuring quality handcrafted detail and a client focused brand that stands as a testament to a continuing passion for jewelry.

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