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AZEERA was founded on premise of providing our clients with all the knowledge and information that goes into make their jewelry pieces special. We proudly operate our company with transparency and integrity, ensuring that both our gems are cut and sourced ethically. In addition, we practice complete disclosure with our treatments and cutting facilities.



Crafted in NYC

New York City has been the celebrated home of many jewelry related industries for over a century. AZEERA is proud to contribute to the local economy of NYC and create our pieces to the same standards the city is known for.


In Sanskrit, AZEERA means fire – a brilliance we believe is found inside every gem. On their own, AZEERA gemstone radiate natural beauty and individual emotion, each producing a unique set of feelings and desires. Forged with methodical cuts, fashionable shapes, and passionate settings they become stunning pieces of art.

Our Facility

Based in the renowned city of Jaipur, India, our workshop has been producing quality gemstones for the last 30 years. The city’s rich heritage and charming culture makes it the perfect location for developing our craft. Over the years, we have reduced the complex cutting process to an exact science. However, it still requires considerable skill and precision. Cutters train for several months before they can work independently, and practice for several years before they can be considered a master craftsman.

Before our pieces reach you, every gemstone is thoroughly inspected to ensure it meets the high level of perfection that makes AZEERA jewelry prized and unique.

Our cutting process and inspections are all carried out within our facility’s safe and environmentally conscious environment under the skillful eye of our employees who are passionate about their work.


Because we own our cutting workshop, our costs are reduced to simply the price of the rough cut stone. By eliminating any middle-men, our goal of quality gemstones at an affordable price is upheld with dignity. Our ultimate goal is to work within your price point to make sure there are numerous options in cut, clarity and carat for you to choose from.

Ethical Sourcing

Upholding and practicing ethical standards is important to AZEERA. From those who mine our gemstones to our master gemstone cutter, we respect fair standards of labor practice and guarantee that our gems are conflict free – a promise that many jewelry warehouses cannot live up to.

We cut all of our own stones in our workshop or source them from ethically reputable suppliers whom we have worked with for generations. For gems of particular value, such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds we use only trusted and established sources. We do not deal in Burmese Rubies.


Treatment refers to a physical or chemical alteration of a gem’s natural appearance and durability.

We do not replicate the natural process of a gem’s formation in a lab. AZEERA gemstones are products of mother nature. We use only industry accepted treatments, such as heating and oiling, to bring out the best naturally occurring qualities as well as improve stability and durability of the gem so that it can last for generations to come.

Gems that receive treatment are crafted according to accepted AGTA standards. We do not carry stones with treatments such as lead filling, surface diffusion, dyeing, or waxing. We also do not offer synthetic or imitation gems.


The science and art of gemstones is vast and remarkable. That’s why we strive to provide as much information about our products as possible. We have also curated an education section, which we are continuously updating, to provide relevant information to you, the consumer. Here you will find the basics of jewelry outlined as well as detailed information regarding specific gemstones.

Should you have a question you cannot find an answer to, please feel free to contact us.


We create ideal gemstones and foster an exceptional customer experience to match by ensuring 100% customer satisfaction and care. If you require expert advice at any point during your jewelry-buying experience, you can schedule an appointment with either of our founders Puneet or Rohan.


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