We are the conducts, the curators, and the designers. Our ability to understand the marriage between gem and metal is unmatched. Jewelry is our art and our gems are the medium we use to create it. By understanding a gem’s cutting pattern, optical property, and natural color distribution, we create eclectic and contemporary designs around the idea of appreciating a gem’s natural beauty.

Puneet Agrawal, CEO and Founder
Puneet Agrawal, CEO and Founder

What made you join the business?

Prior to entering the jewelry field, I worked at a law firm as a business development analyst. While I gained valuable experience there, I slowly came to realize I wasn’t passionate about my work – it was just another job to me. In my opinion, a job should never be considered simply work, it should be an integral part of you – something that holds personal meaning and value. This realization is what transitioned me into our family business of gemstones. I worked with my father as a wholesaler for precious ruby and blue sapphire stones for about a year in New York and then went to my uncle’s office in Hong Kong for further training. As I learned more about jewelry making and gemstones, I came to realize this was the industry I wanted to pursue a lifetime career in. Once I returned to New York, I signed up for classes at the Gemological Institution of America to further my education on the industry. During the course, my friend Rohan and I came up with the idea of starting AZEERA together. Six months later, I earned my Graduate Gemologist degree. One year after that we ran the first beta site of AZEERA.

What part of the business do you enjoy?

A lot of my day revolves around speaking with clients, understanding their needs, and catering to those needs. My favorite part of the business is most definitely finding the perfect stone for the customer. I love combing through our inventory and finding a gemstone that best complements the mounting design and metal color. Aside from this, I really enjoy working with my designers to come up with unique mountings that define AZEERA elegance.

What are some of your favorite things about living in NYC, where your online company is based?

I love exploring new restaurants and bars in NYC. My favorite place to go is the Frying Pan, which is an old ship turned into a huge bar and lounge on the water, overlooking downtown Manhattan. I also love walking around Central Park during a nice summer day. My favorite place to eat is Beyond Sushi, which is a healthy and trendy twist on sushi. It is 100% vegan.

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