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Our History


Both born into a legacy of gemology, AZEERA founders Puneet and Rohan Agrawal carry their ancestors’ tradition of fine gems forward. For three generations, their families established themselves as colored stone traders in the renowned city of Jaipur, India. With AZEERA, Puneet and Rohan draw upon their abundant knowledge and experience to continue their families’ heritage.



Puneet’s family began working in the jewelry industry in 1944 when his grandfather started a high-end local ruby trade and export in Burma. The business continued to grow until 1962 when military rule overtook Burma. Puneet’s grandfather made the difficult decision to stay in Burma in the hopes that the dictatorship would end, but in 1966, after years of continued unrest, decided to move his entire family back to their hometown of Jaipur, India.

Business resumed in Jaipur and thrived as Puneet’s grandfather traded in rubies and sapphires throughout India. In 1974, his grandfather and uncles decided the business needed to branch out. His oldest uncle moved to Hong Kong where he opened an additional store.

Educated and trained as a doctor, Puneet’s father practiced medicine while working for the family business.

Meanwhile, Puneet’s uncle was doing well in Hong Kong so they decided to branch out further into the western hemisphere. In 1986, Puneet’s father made the biggest decision of his life. He stopped practicing medicine and moved to New York to deal in wholesale rubies and sapphires.

Eventually the family opened up two more offices in India, and one in Bangkok, Thailand. All of the businesses are active today and still specialize in wholesale rubies and sapphires.



Rohan’s family entered the jewelry industry when his grandfather began working with emeralds in 1964. He traveled the world sourcing rough to cut and trade in Jaipur. He maintained this business for over 40 years before retiring in 2010.

Trained in diamonds, Rohan’s father moved to New York in 1979 to do business on the famous 47th street. Though he did well in the diamond industry there was also a growing demand for other gemstones. Seizing the opportunity to expand his business in the United States, he decided to start trading in emeralds.

In 1982, Rohan’s uncle joined the industry and established a cutting facility to supply emeralds to Rohan’s father. Before the end of the decade, Rohan’s father decided, with the support of Rohan’s uncle who was cutting material in Jaipur, to expand the business to include colored stones.

Today, both Rohan and Puneet’s fathers still operate their own individual businesses with the support of their families, offering a broad range of precious and semiprecious stones.

Rohan and Puneet are proud of their rich heritage and continue their family’s legacy with AZEERA, drawing upon the abundant knowledge and experience of those who have gone before them.


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