Black onyx's solid body allows light to glisten effortlessly making a bold statement in a subtle way. Our black onyx stones are cut to show off the reflective qualities of the stone, A saturated reflecting gemstone that can easily become a staple within your jewelry collection.

How to Choose a Black Onyx Ring

As with many gemstones, black onyx suits many types of settings, in terms of jewelry. It is a very affordable gemstone, so it’s best to think about what type of band you most prefer while selecting a cut style. Its subtle sheen and pure black color makes for a perfect neutral when choosing silver, gold or other type of band.

Black onyx stones are generally found in two forms: faceted, similar to a diamond; or cabochon, which is smooth and rounded with a flat back. Types of faceted cuts for black onyx are the same you would expect with diamonds and other shapes: round, oval or square, as well as the pointed oval marquise, hearts, pears, cushion cuts, and square and trillion cuts. Cabochon shapes consist of: circles, ovals, or even triangles and squares, and some can be found partially faceted.

One of the best settings for black onyx rings is a simple prong setting. You will often find that black onyx rings are fashioned in a way that a portion of the actual stone touches the wearer’s skin, as it traditionally brings the most benefits that way.

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