Black onyx's solid body allows light to glisten effortlessly making a bold statement in a subtle way. Our black onyx stones are cut to show off the reflective qualities of the stone, A saturated reflecting gemstone that can easily become a staple within your jewelry collection.

Astrology-Black Onyx


Onyx is the official birthstone for those native to the zodiac signs Leo or Capricorn, and is said to help these individuals with becoming masters of their own destinies. It provides them with steadfast confidence, centers energy in times of mental or physical stress, and offers wise decision-making.

Black onyx is believed by many to possess protective abilities, making it a valuable stone to carry while traveling. It has also been said to help combat fears and create the inner strength to let go of a bad relationship, healing emotional wounds of the past.

One legend of onyx’s origin states that the goddess Venus was resting on the banks of the Indus River, when Cupid came to give her a manicure. After using the point of one of his enchanted arrows to do so, the shavings of her nails fell into the sacred river and were transformed into onyx. From this myth, the gem has been considered a protective stone that was to be worn when confronting enemies in battle. In classical ceremonial magic, the head of the god Mars, and sometimes a figure of the hero Hercules, was carved into onyx and carried to encourage bravery.

Black onyx is used not just for protection, but also as a defense against negativity. In Indian Vedic astrology, it is believed that black onyx helps maintain harmonious relationships, keeping away any conflicts or differences between the couple.

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