2021 on Ice: Celebrating With Sparkling New Pieces

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This year is certainly one that we’ll remember for a long time, one that has brought sadness — and renewal — to families around the globe. As we approach 2021, New Year jewelry provides an opportunity to decide who we want to be in the coming year and express this commitment through our chosen accessories. As 2020 comes to a close, consider these meaningful ideas to inspire your New Year's Eve jewelry collection.

Diamond for Clarity

Halo Trillion Dvipa Diamond Ring in 14K Rose Gold

Diamond is a perennial choice for New Year's Eve jewelry thanks to its inimitable sparkle and inherent elegance. Diamond gemstone rings also represent clarity and strength — qualities that are especially valuable as we seek to start afresh and begin the new year with confidence.

Aquamarine for Tranquility

Three Stone Oval Matr Aquamarine Ring with Diamond in 18k White Gold

Emotional angst has been especially high in 2020 with political and social division and people talking negatively about each other. As the year draws to an end, the calm hue of aquamarine gemstone rings provides a welcome reminder to calm our thoughts, purify our words, and see each other through eyes of empathy.

Ruby for Courage

Halo Pave Milgrain Drumara Ruby Ring with Diamond in 14K Rose Gold

If fear has got you down this year, fill yourself with renewed courage with some New Year's Eve jewelry with rubies. Representing vitality, blood, courage, and rulership, let ruby gemstone rings inspire you to face the new year with confidence and strength. Whatever comes, you can handle it like royalty.

Tourmaline for Joy

Petite Modern Wrap Nirjhari Pink Tourmaline Ring in 14k Yellow Gold

There is an ancient saying that a joyful heart is good medicine. And it’s certainly true that the way we feel really does affect our health. If you’d like to be a more joyful, thoughtful, and considerate person in 2021, commit yourself to living from the heart with pink tourmaline New Year jewelry.

Peridot for Light

Solitaire Emerald Cut Brhat Peridot Ring in 14k White Gold

Also described as "evening emerald," the lovely peridot gemstone has a brilliant glow that inspires us to fill our lives with light. For a brighter, happier, and more harmonious year in 2021, include peridot gemstone rings in your New Years Eve jewelry set and express your glow through light-filled words and actions.

Garnet for Loyalty

Classic Pave Girijala Garnet Ring with Aquamarine in 14k White Gold

We have learned to truly appreciate one another this year — from the family members and roommates who have shared our space to distant loved ones who we’ve missed terribly. In 2021, commit yourself to nurturing and protecting the important relationships in your life with heart-red garnet New Year jewelry. If there’s someone particular — like a grandparent or parent — who you’d like to feel closer to, consider gifting them a garnet ring or garnet cufflinks.

Citrine for Happiness and Energy

East-West Pave Octagon Luta Citrine Ring with Diamond in 14k Yellow Gold

The bright, sunny hue of citrine provides an inspiring reminder that happiness brings light not only to ourselves but also to others. For your New Year's Eve jewelry this year, wear some sparkling citrine gemstone rings and let your contentment and gratitude shine bright.

Amethyst for Patience

Halo Pave Oval Prasava Amethyst Ring with Diamond in 14k White Gold

The resolution of our problems can often take longer than we expect, and this helps us develop patience. Associated with centeredness, devotion, and sobriety, amethyst New Year's Eve jewelry reminds us to be patient and look for the beauty in every day.

Black Onyx for Strength

Classic Pave Manika Black Onyx Ring with Diamond in 14k Yellow Gold

Last but not least, we come to black onyx — that deep ebony gemstone that cannot be shaken. As you move into another year, embrace a sense of quiet trust and inner strength with black onyx New Year jewelry. Elegant and modern, we love black onyx gemstone rings with diamonds against the contrast of yellow gold.

Happy New Year from AZEERA!

Whichever gemstone you choose for welcoming the year 2021, AZEERA would like to wish you a Happy New Year and health and happiness for the year ahead. If you would like personalized design ideas for your New Year's Eve jewelry, please don't hesitate to get in touch! All of our pieces come with free, fully-insured U.S. shipping as well as free resizing, a lifetime warranty, and free returns within 30 days. Create the New Year jewelry of your dreams and shine brighter than ever in 2021!

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