5 Reasons Gemstones Are Surging in Popularity

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For decades the diamond industry has been pushing the mantra that diamonds are forever. The allure of this genius marketing tactic from the 50s is slowly fading as people discover that diamonds aren’t as rare as they’re made out to seem and that their price point has merely been an organized effort to maintain a monopoly on the diamond industry. Now that people realize that alternatives to diamonds are a possibility, there is a growing list of reasons to choose any other gemstone for a ring than a diamond.

If you’re wondering about the top reasons to find a gemstone engagement ring, explore this list from the experts at AZEERA today! Discover some of the most popular alternative gemstones and choose the ideal options for yourself.

1. Less Expensive

Because of the monopoly and control over supply that a single company (DeBeers) has over the dissemination of diamonds, their price point is kept relatively high. Even worse, many of the most popular department stores mark up the costs of these stones in the hopes of maximizing their profit. Once upon a time, it was the norm to spend three months' salary on an engagement ring, but today, people have other priorities. Nobody wants to scrounge and save for months to buy just one diamond ring!

When you choose even the most popular gemstones instead of diamonds, you’re getting a huge price cut. One of the most expensive alternative gemstones, the ruby, is still generally half the cost per carat as a diamond. Other stones are even more affordable and just as durable and beautiful. You can also find lab created alternative gemstones at just a fraction of the cost of a diamond.

2. Customizable

blue gemstone ring set

While there are colorful diamonds that range from yellow and pink to purple and black, choosing a colored diamond with a basic variety that is already so expensive really racks up the price. Instead of paying a premium to customize your jewelry with the colors you love, you can choose alternative gemstones! Whether it’s amethyst and garnet or sapphire and citrine, you can find as many different hues in popular gemstones — if not more — as are available in diamonds.

At AZEERA, we make customization even easier with tons of gemstone options that are available instantly. Once you find a ring design that you love, simply choose the stones you prefer and add the item to your shopping cart! Even our metal colors are completely customizable with yellow, white, and rose gold options.

Do you have an edgier style that a diamond could never match? Shop onyx rings for a darker aesthetic. Are you in favor of bright colors and happy hues? Discover how a multi-colored cluster ring can elevate your style!

3. Ethically Sound

Currently, mining new diamonds is ethically questionable and environmentally harmful. Many younger people are more conscious than ever of how their decisions affect other people as well as the planet. Finding ethically sourced, conflict-free diamonds means buying antique pieces, lab created designs, or opting out of diamonds entirely. It’s much easier to shop other popular gemstones and make a decision that’s better for the world.

4. More Meaningful

loose citrine and peridot gemstones

If you’re looking for a way to make your life more meaningful and unique, choosing a popular gemstone instead of a diamond is one easy way to do it. Throughout history, various gems have been attributed symbolic meaning that endures to this day. Want a stone that symbolizes everlasting love? Rose quartz or ruby should be your top choices. Looking for something that symbolizes positivity and happiness? You have tons of options including peridot and citrine!

With the variety available at AZEERA, you can find two, three, and even four popular gemstone combinations that incorporate the symbolism and allegory you’re looking for in your most important jewelry.

5. Better Quality

Oftentimes, the highest quality of a popular gemstone costs the same as the lowest quality of a diamond. You want your rings to sparkle and shine with the best possible colors in the ideal size for your hands. If you choose a diamond for your jewelry, you may find yourself sacrificing cut, color, clarity, or carat because a higher quality stone is just too expensive. Find larger stones in more brilliant colors when you shop alternative gemstones instead!

Shop at AZEERA

At AZEERA, we’ve spent years in the jewelry industry tracking trends to discover what people really want. To meet your needs, we’ve developed a shopping method that makes customization and personalization easier than ever. Shop with us and choose the perfect ring design for you — then instantly customize it with the gemstones and metal color you want.

Need help deciding on an everyday ring or a special occasion showstopper? Reach out to us today for assistance!

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