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How to Find the Perfect Wedding Bands

Congratulations! You’ve passed the first test as a couple and have become engaged. Now you are on the hunt for wedding band sets for him and her. You have so many things to do, struggling to find his and her wedding band sets are the last thing on your list. Wouldn’t it be great if you can get both the bride and groom’s personalized wedding bands on one site? Try your luck at AZEERA. We have a wide collection of bands including palladium wedding bands, traditional wedding bands, solid wedding bands, creative wedding bands, cute wedding bands, and more. There are so many options to choose from and we understand how overwhelming this process can be. To help you out, we have come up with an easy to follow guide to finding the perfect couple’s wedding bands.

Where to Start to Looking for Wedding Bands for Couples

When first selecting wedding bands for couples, it is important to first consider how and when the wedding bands will be worn. For women’s unique wedding bands, you must consider if the band will be worn with the engagement or if it will be worn separately. Elaborate beautiful wedding bands may take attention away from the engagement ring. If your goal to show off the engagement ring, then we recommend simple, small wedding bands. Otherwise, bold expensive wedding bands are the way to go.

Selecting a Metal for His and Her Wedding Band Sets

Another one of the most important rules to follow when finding the best wedding bands is to match the metal of the engagement ring to the wedding band. If a platinum engagement ring and 14k gold wedding band were worn together, the surface of the gold 14k wedding band would be worn down where the two rings touch. That is because platinum is a harder metal and gold is softer. In the case of a 14k white gold wedding band, the rhodium finish would wear out quickly and the band would need frequent re-plating. To avoid this, we recommend you buy wedding bands with the same metal as the engagement ring.

Each metal also has unique properties that you should consider. We want you to know all the facts when you buy platinum wedding band sets or buy gold wedding band sets.

14k Gold Wedding Band Sets – This is the most durable of all the gold varieties. Any color of 14k solid gold wedding band will hold up well from daily wear, even a thin rose gold wedding band.
18k Gold Wedding Band Sets – This variety is more luxurious than 14k purity as it made with a higher percentage of gold. A gold 18k wedding band is still suitable for daily wear and should be handled with care.
White Gold Wedding Bands for Him and Her – This color of gold does not come naturally. Usually nickel, manganese, or palladium is added to achieve a white wedding band. In addition, white gold wedding bands for couples are also rhodium plated for an enhanced luster.
Yellow Gold Wedding Bands for Couples – Yellow gold is a classic choice for wedding bands. Because the color is not shifted by alloys, it does not need r-plating.
Rose Gold Wedding Bands for Him and Her – While white gold and yellow gold wedding bands have been common for a long time, rose gold bands are beginning to become popular. The pinkish color is achieved by adding copper into the allow mixture.
Palladium and Platinum Wedding Bands for Couples – These are the most durable and heaviest options for precious metals and wedding bands. Platinum is the most rare and is priced accordingly while palladium is roughly the price of 14k gold. Polishing platinum wedding band is the most you need to do to maintain the luster. Re-plating is not necessary.

To learn more about metals, you can visit our Education page.

Selecting Gemstones for Your Personalized Wedding Bands

After selecting the metal and design, you can then select your gemstones, if you prefer those designs over all-metal platinum or gold wedding band sets. The beauty about wedding band sets for men and women is that the designs to no need to match. You can have any combination of wedding band styles with a matching set of bands. Any gem and metal combination you select is ideal, but if you need help designing a gold and platinum wedding band, our designers have some suggestions for you:

Yellow Gold Wedding Bands for Him and Her – Aquamarine and Citrine, Pink Tourmaline and Peridot, Swiss Blue Topaz and Diamond
White Gold Wedding Band Sets – Garnet and Diamond, Pink Tourmaline and Citrine, Swiss Blue Topaz and Aquamarine
Rose Gold His and Hers Wedding Bands – Pink Tourmaline and Aquamarine, Citrine and Peridot, Diamond and Ruby
Palladium and Platinum Wedding Band Sets – Garnet, and Diamond, Diamond and Black Onyx, Ruby and Sapphire

To learn more about our gems you can visit our About Us page.

Tips on How to Create the Perfect Wedding Band Sets for Him and Her

Designing white gold wedding bands for him and her can be difficult. Here are some tips to help you along the way.

-If you want an all-metal ring, try polished wide gold wedding bands for a clean simple look.
-The most commonly selected all-metal band is the wide white gold wedding band.
You can design unisex wedding bands by adjusting the ring size to match yours. Typically, men wear wide wedding bands, but you can design the rings however you please.
-You can delicate wedding bands customize with platinum or palladium to create a sturdy piece.
-If you enjoy fashion wedding bands, browse our catalog of modern styles for the most up-to-date designs.
-A large wedding band does not need to be accompanied by an engagement ring.
-Our most popular wedding bands include eternity and antique designs.
-You can create pretty wedding bands by utilizing color theory and playing with gemstone and metal combinations.
-A common simple style is the three stone wedding band the with the wearer’s birthstone.
-Our most unique gold wedding bands can be customized with 11 vibrant gems and 8 precious metals to create over 10000 combinations.
-Unique wedding band sets do not need to match in every one of these categories: gems, metal, design. You can select only one to create a perfect set.
-It is not uncommon that unique wedding bands for couples are designed together with both partners present.
-Unique white gold wedding bands are versatile and can be designed with any gemstone.
-Unusual wedding bands play with unconventional gemstone color combinations.
-To minimize wedding band cost, you can design slender all-metal rings.
-Our site gives you the wedding band price in real time so that you can accurate find a ring in your budget.
-We commonly see our clients design a wedding band with stones using their birthstones or diamonds.
-Our wedding bands for men and women can be designed with the same 11 vibrant gems and 8 precious metals. We do not have gender exclusive options.
- Wedding bands jewellery is older than the engagement ring. If flashy engagement rings are not your style, you can wear only a band and follow tradition.
-The most awesome wedding bands are the ones you design yourselves. While there are general style rules, we believe that your desires are the only rules you should truly follow.
-To create an exclusive wedding band, consult with one of our gemologists and they will guide you on how to make a custom design.
-Male and female wedding band sets look better with alternating patterns of gemstomes.
-Our catalog of designs includes hundreds of to choose original wedding bands from.

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