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    How long have you been in the jewelry business?

    AZEERA was founded in 2014. While the company can be considered a “start-up,” the AZEERA founders are a product of two well-established family businesses with over 50 years of support and knowledge.

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    What makes AZEERA's gemstones different from other retailers?

    At AZEERA, our gemstones are a point of pride. In Sanskrit, “Azira” means “fire”—the term we use to refer to the brilliance seen inside a beautiful gem.

    Our trademark cutting process has been refined over the course of several decades to capture the natural fire burning inside each stone and forge stunning pieces of art. Every AZEERA gem embraces the skill of the craftsman and radiates the natural emotion and energy of nature.

    At AZEERA, each and every gemstone we use—from the largest carat that can weigh down a finger to those seen best with a microscope—must meet our exacting standards. Each stone is AAA quality, with only about 15% of the original stone kept in place to give an ideal cut, clarity, and color.

    By bringing out each stone’s natural beauty—from the deep ocean blues of a sapphire to the brilliant and rainbow of color held within a white diamond—we ensure our jewelry holds an exquisite and long-lasting luster. That is why our gemstones truly are a cut above the rest.

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    How is AZEERA different than other retailers?

    Our pieces are more than a collection of minerals and metals melded together. Each gem, individually cut, carries the skill of knowledge that our craftsmen have perfected over decades. Each design, meticulously planned, is inspired by the opinions of other consumers—just like you.

    Conflict-Free Gems

    AZEERA gems are ethically sourced with confidence. We buy rough gemstones directly from trusted sources and craft each piece of jewelry ourselves. With fewer hands exchanging gems, we save on costs, and in turn are able to provide you a higher value for the price you pay.

    Endless Possibilities

    Every design comes in a range of metals and stones, giving you endless possibilities. Not only can you create a piece exactly to your liking and that fits within your budget, you can also be assured that your jewelry will be one of a kind. All of our models are created to order and are handcrafted just for you.

    A Focus on Gemstones

    We understand and respect the fact that diamonds dominate the jewelry industry. And we cannot imagine a world without diamonds. However, at AZEERA, we live for colored stones and our mission is to share that passion for colored stones with the world. To this end, we offer detailed educational content about the formation of gems and how gemstone jewelry is made.

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