What Your Ring Says About Your Personality: Part Two

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Experts say the setting of your engagement ring represents the type of person you are! Whether your boyfriend picked it out for you, or you are picking it out with him, find the one that represents you the best. So, let’s look at what your unique engagement ring setting says about you.

Solitaire Setting:

Women who have classic, timeless, elegant personalities are often attracted to this setting. It is a clean, effortless style that still lets a ring sparkle. Women who wear these rings are not often concerned with keeping up with trends or the new “styles.” This woman believes in the timeless beauty of the prong set, aka the solitaire ring setting.

Modern Setting:

Women that love extravagance and being the center of attention tend to fall for this setting. This bold, flirty ring setting lets everyone know that you meant business when you asked him to put a ring on it! The women who wear these rings believe that sparkle is the essence of true beauty.

Three Stone Setting:

This ring setting is perfect for women that are classic, hopeless romantics with a twist of fashionista in them. The everlasting meaning behind the three stone setting, “past, present, and future,” entices the soul of the hopeless romantics but the funky fashion forward options that come with the three stones allows the ring to perfectly blend with any trend loving personality.

Halo Setting:

Women that have larger than life personalities are generally drawn to the immense beauty of the halo set ring. With a medium size diamond surrounded by tons of smaller diamonds, the ring on its own expresses big personality. Women who wear these rings are known for being able to speak their minds!

Once you know what type of personality you have, picking out a setting for your unique gemstone engagement ring is easy. Take a look at what your ring cut and gemstone color say about you: Part Three, Part One

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