What Your Ring Says About Your Personality: Part One

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They say the color of the bride’s engagement ring can say a lot about the personality of the bride! Whether your boyfriend picked it out for you, or you are picking it out with him, find the one that represents who you are best. Every stone says something different about your personality, so, we will first look at what type of woman is best suited by each gemstone color. 


Women with intuitive personalities are generally drawn purple gemstones like Amethyst that highlight mystical personality traits.


Green gemstones like Emerald or Peridot are known for suiting women with earthy personalities, otherwise known as an ‘abundant personality.’


Women that are very caring and love the idea of romance, are often drawn the pink gemstones like Pink Tourmaline which are known for representing nurturing and romantic women. 

Pastel Blue:

Women with strong communication skills and communicator personalities are normally drawn to pastel blue gemstones like Aquamarine or Swiss Blue Topaz.

Dark Blue:

Intelligent women with intuitive personality are easily drawn to dark blue gemstones like Sapphire.


Active women with vibrant and happy personalities are often attracted to the vividness of red gemstones like Garnet and Ruby


Creative type women tend to have a strong emotional connection to yellow gemstones like Citrine, as they stand out greatly from the rest. 

Once you know what type of personality you have, picking out a gemstone for your unique engagement ring is easy. Take a look at what your ring cut and setting say about you: Part Two, Part Three

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