What Your Ring Says About Your Personality: Part Three

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The cut of your engagement ring stone doesn’t just add sparkle to your ring it also flaunts your personality! Whether your boyfriend picked it out for you, or you are picking it out with him, find the one that represents you the best. So, let’s look at what your unique engagement ring cut says about you.

Round Cut:

Women who wear round cut rings consider themselves as timeless, traditional, and classic women. They know the beauty of simplicity and aren’t afraid to show the simple can be beautiful too.

Oval Cut:

Women who describe themselves as bold, innovative and unique are often seen wearing oval cut rings. These women are creative and have no problems with confidence, ensuring that their men will stick around!

Pear Shape:

Women who wear pear shape rings are hopeless romantics. These women love sparkle, lace, and anything with glitter. Guys tend to gravitate towards these women just because they are so pure.

Emerald Cut:

Women who wear emerald cut rings know what they want and how to get it! These women are classy, sophisticated, fashionable, and often perfectionists. They definitely aren’t afraid to wear the pants in the relationship.

Princess Cut:

Women who wear princess cut rings are girly-girls who love to be treated like the ladies they are! These bride to be’s have large, glamorous personalities and aim to have fairytale loves that last a lifetime.

Cushion Cut:

Women who wear cushion cut rings consider themselves fashionable romantics. The elegant cut of this stone lends to a more traditional style while the rounded edges form to the current fashion era. These women tend to know what they want, and that is an everlasting stone, just like their romance.

Once you know what type of personality you have, picking out a stone cut for your unique gemstone engagement ring is easy. Take a look at what your stone setting and gemstone color say about you: Part Two, Part One

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