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An online jewelry business — just like an online clothing business — comes with the unique challenge of not being able to let you try on the product before you buy. And while you can be all but certain that you’ll love the look of your gemstone ring, the sizing issue can be a little more difficult. To help you get a ring sized correctly, follow our tips and suggestions below.

Measure An Existing Ring

The simplest way to get a ring sized is to use a ring you already wear. Costume rings work perfectly for this as long as the ring you’re ordering will be worn on the exact same finger.

How to Measure Your Ring

Using our Ring Size Guide, first check that the test ruler in the top left-hand corner measures exactly two inches after you’ve printed the page, then lay your current ring flat on the size chart to see which size it matches. As we explain on the chart, a ring that is between sizes indicates that you’ll need a quarter size for your custom ring — for example, 7¼ or 7¾.

Use Our Ring Sizer

If you don’t have a ring that you can use for size or you’ll be wearing your new ring on a different finger (do we hear wedding bells?), you can get a ring sized using our handy ring sizer.

How to Use Our Ring Sizer

At the bottom of our Ring Size Guide, you’ll see a narrow strip with millimeter markings. This is our DIY ring sizing tool. Carefully cut this out, then cut along the dotted line to make a slot through which you’ll poke the tail. Taking care not to rip the sizer, wrap the paper around the widest part of the desired finger and pull the tail through the slot. The measurement should tell you your exact ring size.

To confirm the results, you can also wrap your finger with a piece of string or a thin piece of paper and mark the point at which the material overlaps. Cut the string or paper and join the ends before laying it over our pre-sized circles.

Things to Keep in Mind when Getting a Ring Sized

Two silver rings on a chain

While you’re working on getting a ring sized, there are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind. The first is that narrow bands will naturally have a looser fit and wider bands will naturally have a tighter fit. This is because a wider band will sit over a larger section of your finger while a narrow band will drop to the narrowest part of the base. As long as the ring stays under the knuckle (but can still pass over it), it’s likely that the size is perfectly fine.

The second caveat when sizing your finger is that you need to choose a time when your hands are at their “normal” size. This means avoiding occasions when your hands are hot and swollen, cold and clammy, or generally sweaty.

Get a Ring Sized Professionally with AZEERA

Occasionally, you’ll want a second opinion before you go ahead and order your ring. If this is the case, you can contact our founders to request a sturdy plastic ring sizer and we’ll happily mail this out to you for free. Once your sizer arrives, request a callback so that we can help you with sizing over the phone.

As you work on getting a ring sized, please keep in mind that we offer free resizing with most of our rings ( eternity bands, engraved bands, and custom designs attract an additional fee). If you don’t get it perfect the first time, we’ll happily resize your ring with our complimentary, fully-insured two-way shipping. Order the gemstone ring of your dreams today, knowing that AZEERA is here to help you get it right.

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