8 Creative Ways to Secretly Measure Your Partner’s Ring Size

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Maybe you’ve been discussing marriage for a while or maybe your partner is completely unsuspecting, but either way, you want the proposal to be a surprise. Now all you need to do is choose a setting to pop the question and find out your partner’s engagement ring size. Here are eight creative solutions for how to secretly measure ring size so that your one-and-only won’t suspect a thing.

Do Some Detective Work at Home...

  1. Check Her Jewelry Box

    While your sweetheart is sleeping or when she’s gone out, locate her jewelry box and carefully pull out one of her favorite gemstone rings. This works best if it’s a ring she wears on the ring finger of her right or left hand.

    Once you have the ring, carefully trace around the inside and outside of the ring with a pencil onto a piece of paper and measure the diameter as well as the circumference to help you to work out her engagement ring size. Alternatively, use the ring to make an indent in a softened blob of wax or a bar of soap — just be sure to wipe off the residue afterward!

  2. Take Her Ring to a Local Jeweler

    If you’re lucky enough that your partner has gone out for the day and has left her favorite ring at home, take the ring to the local jewelry store to have the size professionally measured. Be sure to return the ring in tip-top condition and place it back exactly as you found it!

    With both of these techniques, you’ll need to keep in mind that her engagement ring size could be larger or smaller. Our dominant hand tends to be the larger of the two, so you’ll need to size her engagement ring up or down accordingly.

  3. Measure Her Finger with a Piece of String

    Compared to the previous two ideas, this technique for how to secretly measure ring size is potentially more accurate — although you will have to enter full stealth mode to make it work! While your partner is asleep, take a flexible piece of string or wool and wrap it carefully around the ring finger of her left hand. Use a marker to mark the points of overlap and you should be able to work out her engagement ring size from the length of the string.

Enlist the Help of Her Family and Friends…

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  1. Ask Her Mom

    If you’ve already asked Daddy-dear for your partner’s hand in marriage, it’s possible that your beloved has started talking with her mom about the kind of engagement ring that she hopes to receive. Hopefully, her Mom has some ideas about her engagement ring size, as well, and can help you out with the exact specifications.

  2. Girls’ Day Out

    Any attempts you make to find out your partner’s engagement ring size could well give the game away, but it’s not as obvious if you enlist her friends. Call her best friend and suggest that they go for a shopping day with a stop at a jewelry store that specializes in engagement rings. As your partner tries on rings with the help of the jeweler, her friend can make a note of her engagement ring size and give you a call when your partner is out.

  3. Just Try It On

    Is one of your partner’s friends getting married? If so, it’s likely that she’d jump at the chance to try on her friend’s engagement ring. Just as in idea #5 for how to secretly measure ring size, you’ll need to get her friend on board so as not to give away your plan too soon.

If All Else Fails...

  1. Try a Promise Ring

    For many couples, a promise ring comes (long) before the engagement and can give you valuable information about her engagement ring size. If she wears the promise ring on her left hand, you can order the same size for the engagement ring and you’re done! If she wears the promise ring on her right-hand ring finger, scale up or down for her left-hand ring finger accordingly.

  2. Guess the Size and Change It Later

    Finally, if you’ve tried all of the ideas above and simply can’t figure it out, buy an average-sized ring and have it resized for free after the proposal. The typical engagement ring size is between 5 and 7, with sizes 6 to 6.5 being the most common. When in doubt, it’s best to go a size larger than you think she’ll need, as resizing is easier with a ring that’s too large than it is with a ring that’s too small.

Trust AZEERA with Your Special Moment

Now that you know how to secretly measure ring size, all you need to do is pick out a ring! To help you design your custom engagement ring, be sure to check out our engagement ring design ideas and chat with our founders for personalized advice. Your engagement is the start of a lifetime of happiness. Trust the team at AZEERA to help it sparkle!

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