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With hundreds of happy customers in the United States and around the world, we’ve decided to zoom in on the process that we use to create exquisite, conflict-free gemstone rings at AZEERA.

In Part 1, we will explain the logic behind our jewelry prototypes and how to design a custom ring on our website. Ready to begin? Sit back, make yourself comfortable, and be inspired as you learn how to design a ring online at AZEERA.

Gemstones: The Starting Point for Every Design


The story of each AZEERA ring begins with a gemstone. Mined from the earth, cut and polished by our expert craftsmen in Jaipur, India, and shipped to our New York office after seven rounds of thorough inspection, our gemstones represent the core of our passion in jewelry and guide every decision about how to design a ring.

Knowing Our Gems

In Sanskrit, “azeera” means “fire,” and at AZEERA, our handcrafted rings are created to bring out the unique fire and brilliance of each gemstone. For example, round shaped diamonds are cut in a specific pattern that was mathematically derived to bring out optimal brilliance. Each facet is positioned at a specific angle that enables light to bounce and reveal its intricate internal structure. Non-diamond and non-round shaped gemstones do not have faceting patterns and require the skill of the cutter to bring out their inner beauty.

Creating Gemstone Rings to Last

As professional gemologists with more than three generations of family in the trade, we have mastered the art of how to design a ring so that the integrity and beauty of each gem is preserved in the final piece. This is the reason why only certain ring designs will be displayed when you select a gem shape from the drop-down menu—we want you to have a ring that looks stunning and lasts for decades.

Contemporary Designs with Historical Inspiration

Once we have taken into account the unique needs of each kind of gemstone, we create beautiful designs that are contemporary in their feel and as diverse as the customers who buy our jewelry.

While the term “contemporary” can mean different things to different people, we use it to mean jewelry that is alive and part of the present moment. When thinking about how to design a ring that is contemporary as well as timeless, we draw on inspiration from rings through the ages and current trends in everyday, engagement, and wedding rings for an eclectic collection that will appeal to the multiple facets of our customers’ personalities.

Creating an Image with Digital Sketchbooks and CAD

Thinking about how to design a ring and coming up with an idea is only the beginning of the creative process. In order to help our customers connect with our ideas, we need to make each design as visually accessible as possible. We achieve this with the help of computer aided design (CAD) technology.

Using a digital sketchbook, we enter all of the details that go into a ring, including:

  • The width of the band
  • The dimensions of the setting
  • The cut and size of the gemstone (along with its individual facets and reflective properties)
  • The angles and slope of the metal

After making the detailed decisions about how to design a ring using the digital sketchbook, the CAD software program then creates a lifelike, three-dimensional representation of the ring that can be rotated 360° and looks nearly as realistic as a photo of the finished product.

Putting Design Decisions into the Hands of Our Customers

Using our ring models as a base, we provide options for customization so that our customers can make the final decisions about how to design a ring that suits their specific tastes and needs. We can then craft the finished ring from scratch for a result that is truly unique.

The Customization Process

In each ring collection, you will notice that we provide four drop-down menus at the top of the page to help you narrow down the designs by:

  • Stone
  • Style
  • Metal
  • Shape

For example, you might specifically want a diamond engagement ring in a classic style with a platinum band and a round stone. After selecting these four parameters at the top of the page, the results will be sorted automatically to display only the rings that fit your requirements.

Not Sure What You Want?

If you’re beginning without a specific idea about how to design a ring, then you might prefer to view a diverse assortment and wait for something to catch your eye. For our top combinations, simply select one sub-category at the top of the page, such as “everyday rings—petite” or “wedding rings—antique,” and wait for our recommended designs to appear below.

Changing the Model

After you find your favorite model for an AZEERA ring, you can customize the ring with a different gemstone color and metal and view the change in price. For example, a change from 18k yellow gold to 14k yellow gold on the same model would lower the price, and a change from garnet to ruby would raise the price.

We are sometimes asked how to design a ring in a given style but with a different shape of gemstone. When you click on the ring style that you like, alternative gemstone shapes will be displayed below the image of the ring. Click on the shape that interests you and we will get back to you with a quote for the modified ring within twenty-four hours.

From Dream to Reality: Stay Tuned for Part 2...

Seeing your customized ring in CAD format on the computer screen is one thing, but seeing the final product is another! Head over to Part 2 of this series to learn how we make your chosen ring design into a reality.

If you’d like more information about how to design a ring on our interactive website, go to the Custom Gemstone Rings page where you can read about each step in detail and start shopping. Feel free to contact us at any stage of the process via email, telephone, or our live chat feature for personalized suggestions or to discuss your idea for a ring you’d like to design yourself from start to finish.

Enjoy browsing our unique designs and we hope you will find the perfect ring to make you sparkle!

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