How New Technology is Helping Change the Jewelry Industry

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In the days when our grandfathers did business in India, local, artisan jewelers would be commissioned to create one-of-a-kind rings and necklaces for their customers, which they would painstakingly hammer into shape from the finest gold before setting each piece with hand-selected gemstones.

Once mass-production of fine and fashion jewelry was introduced in the twentieth century, these small, family jewelers started to go out of business as they could not compete with the lower prices and impressive uniformity of the rings and bracelets made by machines.

Fortunately, new technology in jewelry making—such as 3D printed jewelry molds—is making it possible for small, family-owned jewelry companies such as AZEERA to once again craft customized, artisan jewelry with a smooth, uniform finish and at an even lower price than many of the mass-produced pieces found in commercial jewelry stores around the country.

Bringing Back Customer-Centered Design with CAD Modeling

If you are like many of our customers, you have probably come across a ring or cufflink design on our website that you absolutely love and have already customized it with your favorite gemstones and metals. In fact, some of our customers admit that they have been gazing at their chosen design for weeks before they decide to make their dream ring a reality.

The beautiful, realistic images you see on our site are made possible thanks to computer-aided design, or CAD. This software allows you to view the ring or cufflinks from every angle so that you can visualize how the resulting 3D printed jewelry would look in real life before we even begin to craft your unique piece.

Achieving a Spectacular Result Every Time with 3D Printed Jewelry

Hammering rings by hand is the traditional technique that our fathers and grandfathers used to produce custom jewelry pieces for their clients. However, twenty-first century customers expect a smoothness and uniformity that is simply not possible with hammering techniques alone.

At AZEERA, we have created 3D printed jewelry molds for each of our featured designs to ensure the smoothest, most perfect rings possible. These resin or wax molds are printed directly from the designs that you see modeled with our CAD software. We then pour the metal of your choice into the mold and allow it to cool and harden before setting the most exquisite gemstones in place, inspecting your ring for any flaws or weak spots, and sending it out to you with fully-insured shipping.

Adding a Personalized Touch with Laser-Engraved Inscriptions

The final touch to your luxury ring or cufflinks takes place when you add a personalized inscription at the checkout to be engraved into your custom piece. Traditionally, engraving was done by hand and sometimes resulted in a message that was incorrect or difficult to read. To ensure a true replica of the font and size you see in the picture when we engrave your finished 3D printed jewelry, we use a very fine laser tool that completes this step to your exact specifications.

New Technology in Jewelry Making: The Best of Traditional and Modern Jewelry

Far from detracting from the science and art of jewelry making, technologies such as 3D printed jewelry molds are actually making handcrafted jewelry more accessible to a wider audience. Whereas custom rings used to require hand drawings and a lot of guesswork on the part of the jeweler, CAD software enables clear communication between the customer and the artisan and reduces the amount of materials and time wasted. The use of 3D printed jewelry molds then makes the crafting process fast and streamlined and allows us to craft and deliver your ring in record time.

We invite you to discover the benefits of new technology in jewelry making for yourself. Browse our stunning designs for everyday rings, engagement rings, wedding rings, and cufflinks, customize our models with your favorite metals and gemstones, and purchase your piece at the checkout so that we can get to work creating it. With the latest in jewelry-making technology, creating your own jewelry really is that easy!

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