Aquamarine, as calm and soothing as the cloudless sky or the crystal clear waters of the sea, Aquamarine brings the same captivating sensation to those who bask in its beauty. The light blue stone shines brilliantly under the sun and complements both the eyes and skin of almost anyone. Azeera offers clarity and tranquility, bringing out the beauty of the aquamarine.



As one of the birthstones for the month of March, aquamarine is said to complement those born under the astrological sign Scorpio. Referred to as “the stone of courage and protection,” it’s used often with the throat chakra to encourage vocalized self-expression.

The stone is also believed to help provide clear thoughts and easy retention of new knowledge, making it a perfect gem for students. Aquamarine promotes intellectual growth, allowing individuals to better their intuition and subconscious mind. Similarly, the stone is also used to enhance spiritual connection by eliminating interferences in communication.

Aquamarine is also said to work with the heart chakra to help people come to their own innermost truths. Using the gem for meditation purposes can bring new awareness from the higher self, as it releases old, harmful patterns of behavior to replace with peace and tranquility.

In terms of metaphysical properties, aquamarine is an exceptional gem for spiritual strength. It’s regularly used to align the chakras and enrich the aura, as well as calm fear and apprehension by opening the mind to a deeper understanding of the Divine Perfection in the universe. It aids in aligning an individual’s flow of life, which in turn betters one’s experience of continuity during their lifespan.

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