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Just as the blue sky and the sparkling waters of the sea inspire a sense of truth, the aquamarine gemstone (from Latin “water” + “sea”) has long been associated with feelings of truth, trust, and tranquility. Read on to discover ancient beliefs about aquamarine in astrology and find out whether this beautiful gemstone might be right for you or someone you love.

Aquamarine in Astrology

Vedic astrology teaches that specific gemstones can be helpful for those born under certain astrological signs and can help them to balance their natural tendencies. According to Vedic astrologers, aquamarine offers particular benefits to those born under the Pisces star sign (???? in Sanskrit) — corresponding to the dates between February 19 and March 20 according to the Tropical calendar and March 16 to April 14 on the Sidereal calendar. Coincidentally, aquamarine is also the modern birthstone for the month of March.

Both the gemstone and the star sign being linked to water, aquamarine in astrology is thought to help the typically emotional Pisces to find a renewed sense of calm and flow more naturally with fluctuations in their emotional state.

Aquamarine and the Planets

In Vedic astrology, each star sign is linked with “ruling planets” as well as rising and falling planets. This approach to astrology links aquamarine and Pisces to the planet Neptune, along with its associated benefits of loyalty, faithfulness, and eternal love.

Lessons We Can Learn from Water

Regardless of whether or not you were born under a water sign (like Pisces or Aquarius), you can still benefit from the lessons of the aquamarine gemstone in astrology. Just as water is constantly flowing and changing, aquamarine reminds us to embrace our current reality and roll with the waves of change in our lives. This ability to flex and adapt results in a renewed sense of peace and acceptance that reduces stress and increases resilience.

On a spiritual plane, aquamarine’s benefits include a heightened awareness of truth and the divine that can bring about a new clarity of thought and eliminate obstacles to a spiritual connection. Believed to open the consciousness to your inner ocean of wisdom and creativity, aquamarine is an excellent gemstone for incorporating into your regular meditation practice.

Who Else Can Benefit from Aquamarine?

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Besides the aquamarine astrology connection with Pisces and Neptune, introverts, students, and anyone seeking to heal their emotions can benefit greatly from aquamarine.


If you are an introvert or tend to be a little shy, an aquamarine gemstone is said to help provide courage and confidence and enhance your communication abilities. This water-blue stone is also thought to impart peace and help you to adopt a positive mindset so that you can deal effectively with any challenges that come your way.

Aquamarine for Learning

When you need to study efficiently or grapple with new and difficult concepts, an aquamarine gemstone could be the ideal companion. Thought to bring clarity of thought and encourage intellectual growth, aquamarine could help you reach new levels of understanding and recall new knowledge quickly and easily.

An Aid for Personal Growth

Associated with the throat and heart chakras in Vedic astrology, aquamarine is said to offer several benefits for those seeking healing and emotional wellbeing:

  • Reducing feelings of anger and stress
  • Helping you connect with suppressed emotions
  • Relaxing your mind and helping you let go of harmful behaviors
  • Helping to align your life flow and increasing a sense of continuity
  • Opening your mind to a deeper sense of the divine
  • Encouraging a positive mindset

With its calming, flowing, water-like properties, this stone is thought to bring a feeling of ease and an ability to roll with your emotional states. This, in turn, can lead to an increased acceptance of each emotion and a kinder attitude towards oneself.

Enjoy the Benefits of Aquamarine with a Custom Ring from AZEERA

If aquamarine’s meaning in astrology resonates with you or you would simply like to experience a better flow in your life, an aquamarine ring could be the perfect choice. As one of the more affordable gemstones, you can easily choose an aquamarine center stone as heavy as 1.5 carats without going over budget.

At AZEERA, we offer a wide range of pre-designed aquamarine gemstone rings that you can customize with the gemstone, metal, stone size, and stone shape of your choice. Alternatively, you can contact us to discuss your ideas for a custom design that’s truly one of a kind. Shop our rings online and enjoy the calming, purifying benefits of aquamarine in your life today!

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