Custom-Made Engagement Rings

In Sanskrit, azeera means “fire.” What better way to capture the fire of your love for your future bride than with the radiance of a gemstone? While diamonds are the classic choice for an engagement ring, custom-made gemstone engagement rings add another dimension of color, life, and meaning to this once-in-a-lifetime event.

1. Choose a setting.
2. Mix & match gemstones.
3. Complete your ring.
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Garnet / 14K Rose Gold

Halo Pave Marquise Nauka Garnet Ring with Diamond in 14K Rose Gold

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Citrine / 14k White Gold

Halo Pave Marquise Pravahana Citrine Ring with Diamond in 14k White Gold

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Garnet / 14K Rose Gold

Halo Pave Milgrain Marquise Busaplavi Garnet Ring with Diamond in 14K Rose Gold

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Amethyst / 14K Rose Gold

Solitaire Milgrain Marquise Sphatika Amethyst Ring in 14K Rose Gold

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Peridot / 14k White Gold

Art Deco Pave Marquise Citrostra Peridot Ring with Diamond in 14k White Gold

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Garnet / 14k White Gold

Halo Marquise Ulloca Garnet Ring with Diamond in 14k White Gold

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Diamond / 14k White Gold

Art Deco Marquise Relayana Diamond Ring in 14k White Gold

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Wondering where to start?

Our fine jewelry and gemstone experts are passionate and skilled. Contact us today for a free consultation, and we will get you started on creating and customizing the ring of your dreams.


A Unique Ring for a Special Person

The love of your life is one of a kind, and with our engravable engagement rings, her engagement ring can be too. We not only work with naturally formed gemstones that are unique in and of themselves but our custom jewelry design tool allows you to construct 10,000+ personalized engagement rings that will never be replicated anywhere else.

Awaken Your Inner Designer

With AZEERA, you are in the designer’s chair. Rather than show you page after page of another person’s inspiration, we give you the chance to show your love exactly what she means to you with heartfelt, custom-made engagement rings!

We also find that some brides-to-be enjoy designing their own engagement and wedding rings. Consider involving her in the design process and adding a personal message to be engraved in the ring at no additional cost.

Trust the Expertise of Three Generations of Jewelers

AZEERA is a small family business that crafts engagement rings by hand in New York. Raised with an eye for the finest gems and a passion for exquisite jewelry, we go to every length to ensure that your ring is perfect.

To order personalized engagement rings from AZEERA, simply select the stone, metal, style, and shape that you and/or your special someone would like, or schedule a call with our founders for tailored guidance and advice. Your proposal is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Make it unforgettable with our custom-made engagement rings!