Elegant, Traditional Three-Stone Ring Settings

Tradition meets elegance in our collection of stylish three-stone ring designs. Featuring beautiful settings from modern to antique, minimalist to Art Deco, you can’t go wrong with a unique three-stone ring setting to show your future fiancée just how much she means to you.
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The Art of Creating a Stunning Three-Stone Gemstone Ring

A three-stone ring features a large center stone flanked by a sparkling accent stone on either side. Diamond is a popular choice for accent stones as it causes the color of the center stone to pop while being more affordable than a large diamond solitaire ring.

For a traditional trilogy ring, these are some of our favorite combinations:

  • A perennial round-cut shape featuring black onyx and Swiss blue topaz
  • A symmetrical princess-cut shape featuring citrine and diamond
  • A modern emerald-cut shape featuring garnet and pink tourmaline
  • A large-look oval-cut shape featuring amethyst and ruby
  • A softly curving cushion-cut shape featuring blue sapphire and diamond
  • A brilliant pear-cut shape featuring aquamarine and peridot

For a three-stone ring setting, we recommend a durable metal such as platinum, palladium, or 14k gold (yellow, rose, or white) to help your beautiful engagement ring last for years.

Order a Unique Three-Stone Engagement Ring Online at AZEERA

Whichever gemstone and metal you select for your three-stone ring, we are confident that you will love the result because the ring will be your very own creation. As you go about designing and purchasing your custom ring, please contact us for step-by-step guidance.

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