Unique Halo Engagement Rings

A woman’s engagement is an extremely special occasion that she has dreamed of since childhood. Celebrating this momentous milestone with a ring she can show off proudly is made easy with the size and decadence of our unique halo engagement rings.
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What Is a Halo Ring?

With the clever use of a diamond-encrusted halo around the center stone, halo rings create an optical illusion by making the center stones appear larger than they actually are. For example, a 1-carat sapphire with a halo could appear the size of a 1.5-carat sapphire. Its rich blue color pops against the dazzle of the diamond setting for a ring that your partner will treasure for years.

A One-of-a-Kind Halo Ring Setting That’s Made Just for You

With 11 different gemstones and 8 precious metals available for you to create your unique gemstone halo ring, you can offer your fiancée the design of her dreams and complement her wardrobe while staying within your budget.

To make unique halo engagement rings affordable, we recommend the following gems for each weight in carats:

Choosing an oval- or cushion-cut gem is another way to enjoy a larger gemstone halo ring while keeping costs down, as these elegant shapes can cost up to 20% less than round alternatives and offer a similar brilliance.

Talk to the Experts at AZEERA

The gemologists at AZEERA come from more than three generations in the gem trade and combine family tradition with cutting-edge technologies. Schedule a call with our founders, email us, or contact us via our live chat feature for individual support and advice as you design your custom engagement ring.

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