Solitaire Emerald Cut Brhat Ring Solitaire Emerald Cut Brhat Ring

Black Onyx Ring in 18k White Gold Brhat Emerald Solitaire Ring in 18k White Gold

Black Onyx Ring in 18k White Gold Brhat Emerald Solitaire Ring wishlist azeera wishlist azeera

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Natural Gemstone Quality: AAAA (Heirloom)

Center Stone
Black Onyx
Black Onyx
18k White Gold
18k White Gold
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This 18k White Gold Black Onyx ring features a AAAA Emerald Black Onyx stone, found across the finest boutiques in the world. We only use gems that are within the top 10% of material available. This ring can be worn as an Black Onyx engagement ring, or can also be added to your collection of gemstone rings. This ring features a large emerald cut gem in a solitaire cathedral 4-claw prong setting. We offer Free Shipping and Free Returns, along with a Free Resize. This ring also comes with a lifetime warranty which covers the integrity of our workmanship forever.

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Product Specifications:

Item (SKU): AZ2121-9x7-BO-WG18K

Model Number: AZ2121-9x7

Metal: 18k White Gold

Gemstone Quality: AAAA (Heirloom)

Type: Natural

Stone Size: 9x7/ec mm

Approximate Total Carat Weight: 1.8 CT

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Black Onyx Icon

Black Onyx

Natural, AAAA

Center Stone
Black Onyx
  • Size of stone 9x7/ec mm
  • Est. Carat Weight 1.8 CT
  • Color Sophisticated Black
  • Clarity Opaque
  • Cut Precision Cut
  • Quality Natural AAAA
18k White Gold
  • Metal Weight 2.021 gms
18k White Gold

18k White Gold

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Each gemstone used in crafting your ring is a masterpiece of its own, providing radiant color, shine, and clarity. When grading gemstones, each type of gem has its own unique considerations and qualities that determine its grade, from A to AAAAA. At Azeera, our rings are crafted with AAAA quality gemstones.

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Gemstones rated AAAA are among the top 10% available. These gems have the rarest qualities among their peers, with unparalleled vibrancy and intense color. We create all of our rings using AAAA gemstones.



Gemstones rated AAA may be vivid to medium in color vibrancy, with some slight inclusions that may not be overtly visible.



Gemstones rated AA typically have medium to light color and shine. They may also have some inclusions in their clarity.



Gemstones rated A are light in color and typically are included. This grade of gemstone is the most common and are widely available.

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The true beauty of a unique gemstone ring shines brightest when every person involved in its sourcing and manufacture labors out of love and passion—and not out of coercion or force. Sourcing gemstones that are conflict-free from beginning to end is a cornerstone of everything we do here at AZEERA. Learn more about how AZEERA rings are made.

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Selecting Gems

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Setting & Finishing

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Reviews of this ring


Aldridge V.

Houston, TX

October 17th , 2020

I was amazed at the quality of garnet brhat ring. If you aren't sure, always go for garnets. They’re durable, colorful, and amazing!


Hallie P.

San Francisco, CA

October 20th , 2020

I can't say enough about blue sapphire ring. Definitely worth the investment. I have gotten at least 50 times more compliments than my other diamond jewelry.


Chadd T.

Lima, OH

October 22nd , 2020

Love the color, cut, and clarity on my emerald cut aquarine. Finest quality I've seen? No. But for everything the ring is, it's so fairly priced!


Paulie S.

Maple Plain, MN

November 1st , 2020

Really jewelry good by really good jewelers. That’s all you need to know!


Sophie L.

San Jose, CA

November 2nd , 2020

I STRONGLY recommend an emerald cut solitaire ring to EVERYONE interested in proposing! Simple and elegant – you can’t go wrong!


Johann F.

Oklahoma City, OK

October 31st , 2020

I’d be lost without Azeera. They got me the perfect engagement that was affordable and well-made. I saved so much time and money. I can’t thank them enough.


Nell H.

Indianapolis, IN

October 20th , 2020

I have no regrets spending $1000+ on a pink tourmaline ring. The gem is magnificent and the mounting really compliments it.


Kerry B.

Detroit, MI

October 23rd , 2020

The Brhat Ring fits our needs perfectly. Azeera rings are worth much more than I paid. It looks exactly what they say it does, if not better.


Klarrisa M.

Abilene, TX

October 30th , 2020

Just what. Iwas looking for. A simple, timeless, more importantly affordable garnet ring!


Dede F.

El Paso, TX

November 8th , 2020

I don't always sing praise, but when I do, it's because I was amazed at the quality. And it fits perfectly.


Odelle V.

Gastonia, NC

November 11th , 2020

You guys rock! I checked with a local appraiser, my wife’s peridot ring is worth much more than I paid. The service was excellent.


Chester W.

Vienna, VA

November 20th , 2020

Good service and quality for price. Aquamarine color is better than image.


Shayna M.

New York City, NY

December 7th , 2020

I couldn't believe how much attention I received for my small (in comparison) order. The owners messaged me personally to make the sure that I was satisified and that all my needs were taken care of.


Roxanne D.

Lake Worth, FL

December 25th , 2020

Aquamarine looks stunning. Mounting is a little light, but I didn't pay as much for this ring as other sites. Still worth it.


Marianna S.

San Antonio, TX

January 22nd , 2021

Great jewelry with even better service. Customer for life.


Emilio M.

Cincinnati, OH

February 8th , 2021

Easy browsing, quick customer service, and expedient delivery. Very satisfied with the order.


Matteo G.

San Diego, CA

February 10th , 2021

In the words of the Terminator, I'll be back. Azeera makes affordable fine jewelry while making you feel like a valued customer. I thought my ring was simple and cheap compared to their other rings, but they made me feel special with a hand written note and luxurious jewelry box.


Anton S.

Louisville, KY

February 4th , 2021

I had sizing issue with my girlfriend's ring. It was taken care of with no trouble at all. Top notch service.


Boris H.

Buffalo, NY

March 5th , 2021

My wife is in love with how her garnet ring looks. She said she's never received a gemstone this nice. I felt bad about the engagement ring that I gave years ago but I hope this made up for it.


Reagan L.

Reston, VA

March 14th , 2021

Everything from the timeliness to the presentation was top notch and most importantly the product was high quality.


Maddie E.

San Bernardino, CA

March 18th , 2021

Great jewelry and service for the price.


Winn I.

Abilene, TX

April 14th , 2021

I'm in love with my ring from Azeera. I hope to make it a family heirloom and pass it down to my children.


Alanna G.

Los Angeles, CA

June 29th , 2021

Sizing is accurate and ring matches description.


Brennen O.

West Palm Beach, FL

August 12th , 2021

Good aquamarine for the cost. I want to make matching earrings in the future.



Concord, CA

August 20th , 2021

I love my ring. It's comfortable and easy to wear everyday.


Brody C.

Philadelphia, PA

August 21st , 2021

Customer service team was very responsive with the status of my order. Though there was a delay, they were able to send me my wife's ring before her birthday. I appreciate the respect they have towards their customers.


Wayne H.

Dallas, TX

September 7th , 2021

I didn't know that nice jewelry could be affordable. I'm glad to have stumbled upon azeera in google.


Liv Y.

Pasadena, CA

September 30th , 2021

Stunning aqua in a ring that suits it pefectly.


Alain R.

Reston, VA

September 26th , 2021

Great value for aqua. I've seen lighter colors on other jewelry sites. I was also surprised how clean the stone is. I'm very happy with the purchase!


Marinna C.

San Diego, CA

October 1st , 2021

nice ring for nice price


Elliot K.

Oklahoma City, OK

December 10th , 2021

There are a lot of store online that sell jewelry. A lot more than I expected. It was hard to find the right one. Ultimately, I picked Azeera because of the way they do business and how they are open to support the community around them. That and their jewelry is nice :)


Lonnie E.

Kansas City, MO

December 12th , 2021

I love my blue sapphire ring!


Willie C.

Jackson, MS

January 19th , 2022

Beautiful affordable ring


Adrea G.

Humble, TX

February 4th , 2022

Great deal on a black onyx ring


Heather T.

Dayton, OH

February 19th , 2022

Gorgeous aquamarine ring


Leigh G.

Waco, TX

February 23rd , 2022

Amazing value for aqua ring


Randolph L.

New York City, NY

March 5th , 2022

No complains, only praise


Keven M.

Newark, DE

March 9th , 2022

My wife loves her Azeera gemstone ring. I was looking for a ring with an emerald cut Black Onyx stone and when I found this one, it was the perfect size, and shape. It's a great piece that can be worn with anything!


Regina E.

Omaha, NE

March 15th , 2022

Absolutely in love with Azeera. I've been looking for a new, more unique jewelry line to add to my collection and I found it with Azeera. Their designs are so original and their quality is impeccable.


Shanon H.

Washington, DC

March 29th , 2022

5 star ring and service


Allan E.

Philadelphia, PA

April 15th , 2022

Very nice peridot. The color was spot on and the quality was better than I expected. Azeera is a hidden gem pun intended.


Sam H.

Huntington, WV

April 26th , 2022

I can't thank Azeera enough for delivering my wife's ring before Mother's Day! Truly exceptional customer service!


Lina A.

Cincinnati, OH

May 13th , 2022

Very nice garnet ring. The description of the product is accurate. I inspected with a jewelers loupe - the cutting and clarity are both as described, excellent!


Rana M.

Kalamazoo, MI

October 16th , 2022

Moden looking ring with nice big stone. Fair price too. Black onyx looks great.


Olga L.

El Paso, TX

October 21st , 2022

Simple is perfect and the brhat ring is just that. I wanted a ring that focused purely on the gem. The aquamarine is so brilliant and crystal clear. I'm love with it. I recommend the brhat ring for gemstone purists.

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