Statement Jewelry: What Your Gemstone Rings Say About You

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Look in a woman’s jewelry box and understand the woman… Your statement rings say much more about you than you might thank. Join us as we look at the most common styles of everyday jewelry, gemstone meanings, and what your jewelry says about you!

Big and Bold

Statement Pave Pallava Aquamarine Ring

Ok, so seeing as this post is about statement rings, it made the most sense to start out there! If you love to go big and bold with your jewelry (or own a statement ring in the first place), you’re probably an extrovert who enjoys attention — seriously, would you wear that eye-catching piece if you weren’t?

The other thing your statement rings say about you is that you’ve got a message to share with the world and you’ll happily use your outfit to do it. Just like the peace and love hippies of the 60s, you’re wearing your love for nature, peace, or feminism on your sleeve… or on your finger, in this case!

Dainty and Delicate

Petite Modern Pave Luthati Amethyst Ring

At the other end of the spectrum, you might look through your jewelry collection and find that all of your rings fit into a more minimalist style. Perhaps each ring has a single stone or a string of tiny gemstones that are daintily beautiful without being overstated.

If you find you have a collection of small and delicate pieces — and no statement rings — you’re likely to be a more introverted soul who appreciates inner beauty above all. That’s a wonderful characteristic to have and nothing to be ashamed of. Your soul shines brighter than a large ring ever could!

Vintage and Antique

Halo Pave Varida Ruby Ring

This is the third kind of jewelry that many ladies have in their collection and love to either simply own or wear. These old or new aesthetic masterpieces are statement rings in and of themselves, even if they’re not particularly large in size.

  • Family Heirlooms

Your vintage and antique rings might have been passed down from your grandmother and you’ve kept and treasured the pieces with care. This shows that you’re a family person who cares about legacy and is proud to join a strong line of women.

  • Garage Sale Finds

If you have antique rings that you sourced from backyard or garage sales, antique stores, and auctions, you’re probably a fashion history buff who can’t help but secure each once-in-a-lifetime find. You might also have replicas and modern versions of antique styles among your stunning collection of statement rings.

Gemstones and Gemstone Meanings

An AZEERA split-shank ring with an aquamarine center stone

Another important detail to note when analyzing your jewelry collection is the choice of gemstones in your statement rings. True, not every ring you will have was customized during the purchase process, but you chose the ring or had someone choose it for you for a reason, right?

There are several main reasons we choose our gemstones and each one is potentially significant. See if any of the following resonate with you:


Your jewelry features the gemstone(s) of your birth month — whether you chose this for yourself or it was a special gift. While you may or may not believe that the date of your birth defines you as a person, you care very much about your heritage and accept that nothing happens by chance.

Favorite Colors

Most of us have a color or two that we tend to gravitate towards. There might be something about the color that speaks to us or it happens to look great with our skin tone. If you choose statement rings with your favorite color(s), you probably make decisions based on what makes you happy and inspired.

Gemstone Meanings

Last but not least, many people choose gemstones based on the meanings and powers that are associated with the gem. If this is you, you’re possibly someone who feels very much in tune with the energy of the natural world.

Over time and across different cultures, each gemstone has developed associations with certain characteristics. These are some of the most common associations that are linked with our sparkling gems:

  • Amethyst — love, romance, royalty, logic-based tasks, spirituality
  • Aquamarine — safety at sea, verbal expression, clear thoughts, peace, tranquility
  • Black Onyx — protection, courage, confidence, wisdom
  • Blue Sapphire — tranquility, trust, friendship, Heaven
  • Citrine — happiness, joy, energy, wealth, abundance
  • Diamond — protection, stamina, enduring love
  • Garnet — protection during the night, energy, balance, commitment, trust, loyalty
  • Peridot — beauty, light, peace, happiness in relationships
  • Pink Tourmaline — positive energy, insight, feelings, and passions
  • Ruby — vitality, health, love, creativity
  • Swiss Blue Topaz — healing, long life, beauty, intelligence

It might be that your statement rings express qualities you would like to develop, or that they may help you during specific activities or seasons in life. In any case, choosing gemstones based on their meanings shows that you’re someone who lives their life intentionally and takes conscious steps to direct your path.

Express Yourself with Customized Rings at AZEERA

Once upon a time, every ring was commissioned individually from the person who would wear it or to serve as a gift. Today, family-owned businesses like AZEERA are bringing back this level of personalization and customer service with the help of online ordering and computer-aided design (CAD) technology.

If you are thinking of a ring for a special occasion, as a gift, or to mark a life event, browse our collections of statement rings, everyday rings, engagement rings, and wedding rings online. In addition to offering hundreds of designs for you to customize, we can also create pieces completely from scratch. Schedule a callback and let us help you express yourself with a unique and deeply meaningful ring!

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