Customer Reviews

4 Star

Garnet is my favorite gem and these stones are incredible. I just wish it would match my garents from older jewelry.

Irvin L.

Las Vegas, Nevada December 04, 2017
5 Star

The colors beautiful and the quality of the gems is incredible! I love this ring

Lynn B.

North Hempstead, New York December 03, 2017
5 Star

Love my citrine ring! Orange color pops so much!

Boyd B.

Garland, Texas December 02, 2017
5 Star

Gorgeous modern design! It was the perfect gift for my girlfriend!

Katrina A.

Durham, North Carolina December 01, 2017
4.5 Star

I got this ring as an anniversary present from my husband and it is simply stunning. I hope he comes back here next year!

Geraldine A.

Charolette, North Carolina November 30, 2017

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