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5 Star
August 06, 2020

Customer service chatted with me all night to help me find the perfect gift for myself. We must have went back and forth for almost 45 minutes before I finally found something I liked. You have exceptionally patient support , and for that I'm thankful. I was also delighted to see my ring for the first time in person. Opening the gift box blew me away, the ring was better than I had hoped!

Bria G.

Rochester, NY August 06, 2020
5 Star
August 05, 2020

My boyfriend bought me this ring and had asked if I could write the review since I am the one wearing it. I am tremendously humbled by his gesture , this was such inexpensive gift And I love him so much. The ring is stunning and I never want to take it off.

Susan B.

Newport News, VA August 05, 2020
5 Star
August 05, 2020

I got my wife's ring just in time for anniversary. It was delivered quickly and in beautiful packaging. It will be tough to beat this year's gift.

Broderic V.

Winston Salem, NC August 05, 2020
5 Star
August 03, 2020

Very happy with my peridot and diamond rings from azeera. The ring fits perfectly and my wife says she has no problem wearing it every day. Thanks again.

Aaron M.

Miami, FL August 03, 2020
5 Star
August 01, 2020

I found this gothic style ring and fell in love with it. I had to get it in Black Onyx to complete the gothic vibe. The ring is an exceptional addition To my outfit. Absolutely recommend AZEERA.

Cecile M.

Fayetteville, NC August 01, 2020
5 Star
July 31, 2020

Azeera has a wide collection of designs and gems to choose from. I didn't find exactly what I was looking for but I got something close and on top of that I was able to get the exact gemstone combination that I wanted. You won't believe how hard it is to find something like this on the Internet, and for that, I 100% recommend Azeera.

Tito S.

Johnstown, PA July 31, 2020
5 Star
July 30, 2020

Nice bright gems that look much better in person . I cannot emphasize how much better these gems look then my other pieces of jewelry. Now I wish I had bought all my jewelry from Azeera.

Cristie W.

Boston, MA July 30, 2020
5 Star
July 28, 2020

I love my pink tourmaline and diamond ring And I love reading about while the gems on their website . They have so much information to go through, it made my ring feel more special knowing all the unique features about it.

Clarisse G.

Chula Vista, CA July 28, 2020
5 Star
July 26, 2020

These guys rock! They make stunning jewelry complemented with lively gems. Even though they are so small they have so much sparkle.

Aryn R.

Virginia Beach, VA July 26, 2020
5 Star
July 25, 2020

My wife is thrilled about her pink tourmaline and diamond ring. it made an amazing anniversary present. She loves wearing it everyday.

Gerry V.

Los Angeles, CA July 25, 2020
5 Star
July 24, 2020

Exceptional customer service, expedient delivery, tons of communication, and gorgeous ring.

Sophi F.

Boston, MA July 24, 2020
5 Star
July 20, 2020

My experience with the 0 was nothing but exceptional. Before placing the order Puneet send me images up the Ruby and diamonds he'd be using. I never experienced this kind of customer service before, And I wish more people could be like him. I love wearing my ring and I get compliments on it every day . Thanks.

Elissa R.

Provo, UT July 20, 2020
5 Star
July 19, 2020

Great ring with high quality aquamarine for a reasonable price. No complaints whatsoever.

Angelina C.

Los Angeles, CA July 19, 2020
5 Star
July 18, 2020

I needed my wife's ring delivering before the committed date. Puneet explained that they make all their rings to order and that he would need a little time to make my ring but he promised that he could do it. He was able to deliver right on time for our anniversary . I could not be more thankful, I appreciate a tremendous customer service.

Lilas LB.

Stockton, CA July 18, 2020
5 Star
July 18, 2020

I am impressed by the level professionalism and attention I received from Azeera. though I ordered a ring online felt like I had an experience in person. It made spending this much money an easy decision.

Holden D.

Mesa, AZ July 18, 2020
5 Star
July 18, 2020

Bold unique ring with dazzling aquamarine and diamonds. I love the weight of the ring it has the right amount of metal.

Jacky W.

Pittsburgh, PA July 18, 2020
5 Star
July 16, 2020

What's more special to me that beautiful ring this is the amount of attention and service I got while ordering it. Puneet Was by my side from the start and he personally reached out to me after the product was delivered. I was nervous to spend this amount of money at first, but it all worked out and I'm glad.

Casandra N.

Midland, TX July 16, 2020
5 Star
July 15, 2020

I can't give enough praise to Azeera. they were able to accommodate my many requests including modifications, expedited delivery, and resizing all without charging me more. They have a customer for life.

Benjamin T.

Rochester, NY July 15, 2020
5 Star
July 13, 2020

Beautiful amethyst ring. It made a perfect graduation gift for my daughter. It was fairly priced and the quality exceeded expectations.

Trip D.

Saint Louis, MO July 13, 2020
5 Star
July 13, 2020

My girlfriend loves her ring . It's the perfect amount metal to gems. Citrine is her favorite stone and the color of her gems are perfect. She was also blown away by the elaborate packaging , that was a nice touch.

Francisco P.

Phoenix, AZ July 13, 2020
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