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5 Star

Great site with quality products made with ethically sourced gems. Very happy with the purcahse and recommmend to check it out.

Lanny L.

Torrance, California December 11, 2018
4 Star

My Antaripa Ring is so colorful. I designed it with Peridot, Citrine, and Pink Tourmaline and all the colors work so well together. It's awesome having the ability to customize my rings.

Sherilyn P.

Wichita, Kansas December 09, 2018
3 Star

Even after I bought the ring, the founders of AZEERA followed up with me and asked if I was enjoying the ring and if there was anything I needed. I didn't, but I really appreciated the follow up and the personal service. It made buying the Suma Ring feel extra special

Shelby G.

Huntsville, Alabama December 09, 2018
4.5 Star

The design of the Rekha Ring didn’t make it look very sturdy because it wasn't a continuous piece of metal. The overall construction is good though. There is a little give it you pinch the too arms together, but I don't think the ring was designed to do that and I can't imagine a situation where that happens by accident. There is enough metal to support it and I'm pretty happy with the overall presentation.

Coral M.

Evansville, Indiana December 08, 2018
5 Star

I refuse to buy jewelry unless the gems are responsibly sourced. It's something I won't compromise on and I'm glad AZEERA doesn't either. I picked the Yuga Ring with Black Onyx.

Zelda A.

Salt Lake City, Utah December 04, 2018

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