Customer Reviews

5 Star

I was nervous at first buying a ring that doesn’t look that stable structurally, but the overall build quality came out really nice! It's sturdy and looks like it can take a beating, but I hope that doesn't happen!

Ginelle B.

Las Vegas, Nevada March 16, 2018
4.5 Star

I thought the design was cool but the gems are even cooler! They're so firey. The colors a little lighter than what I expected, but I think it's a small price to pay for a stunning ring!

Eustacia B.

Garden Grove, California March 16, 2018
5 Star

Gorgeous ring!!! Worth the extra money for nice gems!

Margalo S.

Cleveland, Ohio March 14, 2018
4.5 Star

Love the design of the prongs and how the smaller stones are protected.

Maudie B.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma March 13, 2018
5 Star

My last jeweler made a ring for me with tiny colored sapphires and it came out terrible. The stones swere so included and they looked like cloudy glass beads. After this experience, I was cautious to try again, but I can't believe how brilliant the stones are on my ring. Even the most tiny ones have amazing brilliance!

Eydie C.

Santa Barbara, California March 13, 2018

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