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Are you looking for more happiness, joy, and energy in your life? Consider a citrine gemstone—the traditional birthstone for November and the gem linked with Sagittarius on the zodiac calendar. This bright and sunny quartz mineral is said to bring success and prosperity while dissolving blockages that can lead to stagnation. Read more about citrine in astrology to decide whether this popular stone could be the right gem for you.

Citrine in Astrology

On the traditional zodiac calendar, the citrine gemstone is linked to the Sagittarius star constellation, which means “archer” (or centaur) in English and is aligned with the path of the sun for approximately 32 days each year. According to the Tropical zodiac, Sagittarius birthdays occur between 22 November and 22 December. According to the Hindu Sidereal zodiac, the Sagittarius or Dhanusa star sign is linked to the period between 19 December and 19 January.

According to astrology, people born under the Sagittarius star sign are said to be optimistic, enthusiastic, and bold—a good match for the bright and cheerful coloring of citrine. In Vedic astrology, citrine is also linked with the planet Jupiter, the ruler of prosperity and wealth—making this gemstone popular among believers of citrine in astrology who are seeking success in their company or business venture.

The Citrine Gemstone in Traditional Ayurvedic Belief

Of the seven centers for transformation or chakras in the human body, the citrine gemstone has come to be associated with the third or solar plexus chakra, located two or three inches above the belly button. A healthy third chakra is said to manifest as healthy self-esteem, a feeling of power and confidence, and generally “feeling good in your own skin.”

Metaphysical crystal healers claim that wearing a citrine gemstone can help to clear the third chakra, bringing a sense of empowerment, and with it, a boost in creativity. Eileen Nauman, DHM and medical astrologer, recommends using this gemstone while taking tests and to remove energetic blockages in the digestive system that may be causing heartburn and constipation.

Citrine’s Mineral Composition and Crystal Structure

A piece of citrine gemstone crystal

A transparent variety of quartz, the citrine gemstone is composed of silicon dioxide, which is also present in animals, plants, water, earth, and even the human body. It is thought that sharing this common trace element means that the vibrations of citrine can resonate easily with the energy of the human body.

Internally, citrine has a trigonal crystal structure, which means that the cross-section of a citrine gemstone has three sides. In crystal healing beliefs, the trigonal crystal structure is a symbol of simplicity and the search for an uncomplicated existence in the midst of a busy and stressful world. To enjoy the benefits of this gemstone for simplifying your life, crystal healing experts recommend wearing the gem for at least one or two months before you expect to see any change.

Energetic Properties of Citrine

Just as the Earth has a north and south pole, citrine gemstones also have a north and south pole. Experts who specialize in citrine in astrology and metaphysics explain that this unique energetic property of citrine causes it to attract positive ions (the negativity and stress that tend to collect in our bodies, minds, and spirits) and change them into negative ions for a sense of grounding and invigoration. Add to this the physical beauty of citrine’s vivid yellowish-orange color and you just might have found a new “vitamin C!”

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