Garnet Engagement Rings: Why They are Perfect for Your Relationship

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Garnet is one of the many gemstones AZEERA Gems offers, and just like all the others it has its own special meaning to spirit, relationships and healing. There is nothing wrong with designing your own engagement ring with a garnet stone just because you love the deep embery red, or the way that light bounces of the slight hints of yellow and brown within your beautiful red stone. However, there is also nothing wrong with picking garnet for its gemstone properties.

Garnet is an incredible stone when it comes down to relationships. It is known as a stone of purity and truth as well and a symbol of love. Perfect for a relationship between two people that has been built on commitment, honesty and faith, as the stone is said to increase these qualities between people. Garnet is also a stone of sexual passion. It is known for increasing sex drive between lovers as well as quality of passion.

Knowing all these fantastic qualities of garnet how could you want that stone on your finger! Luckily AZEERA and their custom gemstone engagement ring creation, can create the ring you have been dreaming of for years WITH a beautiful garnet stone right in the center.

From bold and sparkly, to low key and simple we have the setting for you.

Garnet is the perfect daily reminder of the love you have for your significant other. Call us today, and we will start designing your perfect ring.

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