Is Fine Jewelry Worth It? Five Reasons We Think You'll Love It

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Merely glancing at the price tag on a genuine gemstone ring can make you wonder whether investing in jewelry is a worthwhile endeavor — especially when the alternatives are so cheap. Coming from the experts in genuine gems, we can confidently say that it’s worth investing in fine jewelry. Read on to discover five reasons we think you’ll love our genuine, ethical gemstone rings.

1. Fine Jewelry Retains Value over Time

Just like the purchase of a house or property, fine jewelry is an economic investment. Traditionally, the family’s fine jewelry collection would provide a safeguard in times of financial hardship, as the pieces could be sold for an excellent price.

There are also collectors who invest in jewelry as a hobby or even to make a living. Well-maintained, vintage pieces are especially valuable to jewelry collectors — much more so than pieces that are tarnished or missing their stones.

2. Fine Jewelry Is Gentler on Your Skin

Cheap jewelry — commonly referred to as fashion jewelry — is made from common, low-cost metals like brass, bronze, and copper. These metals are often alloyed with nickel, which can leave a green line on your finger or even cause an allergic reaction.

In contrast, fine jewelry is made with high-quality and precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. These metals don’t rust or tarnish and are generally considered to be hypoallergenic (please check with us to confirm whether your chosen metal contains nickel).

3. Fine Jewelry Is Easier to Maintain

When you invest in jewelry, it’s important to be able to keep your pieces clean and have them maintained at regular intervals. Whereas fashion jewelry tends to carry plating that rubs off, exposing the metal underneath, fine jewelry is solid gold (or platinum or palladium) and can be cleaned and maintained without the risk of discoloration.

The strength and durability of fine jewelry also mean that it’s less likely to scratch. This is important for cleaning and maintenance as well as withstanding the rigors of everyday wear.

4. Every Piece of Fine Jewelry Tells a Story

Whether it’s an engagement ring, wedding ring, everyday ring, or set of cufflinks, the decision to invest in fine jewelry is usually connected to a special event. Every time you wear the piece, you will be reminded of that special event (or person) in your life and a deep emotional bond is formed.

For some people, a birthstone or natural gemstone ring is chosen in the hope that it will imbue the wearer with certain characteristics. This is an important detail in your jewelry’s story — how a gemstone ring gave the owner courage or was instrumental in their life’s journey.

5. Fine Jewelry Can Become a Family Heirloom

Each piece of fine jewelry becomes a family heirloom. Given their high quality and durability, genuine rings and cufflinks can be kept in the family for hundreds of years and should stay shiny and untarnished with the proper care.

Pieces like the Queen Mother’s engagement ring and Lady Diana Spencer’s engagement ring have found their place in the annals of history. Who knows where your ring’s story might lead!

A stack of two black onyx AZEERA rings.

Invest in Jewelry with a Story You Will Love

The fine jewelry that we craft at AZEERA carries history and values that we’re proud to share. Built on more than three generations in gems, AZEERA has continued as a family business based on ethics and meticulous attention to detail.

When you invest in jewelry from our New York-based workshop, you are investing in the fair treatment of miners and cutters, the top 1% of gemstone material, and the continuation of a family tradition. We are confident that you will cherish your fine AZEERA jewelry and that it will become a part of your family’s story. Chat with a founder about your ideas today!

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