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For those born in the month of February, custom amethyst birthstone jewelry makes a thoughtful gift that symbolizes empowerment and inner strength. Learn about this popular gem and where it comes from to find out whether an amethyst gemstone ring could be right for you.

Amethyst Meaning and Symbolism

Named by the ancient Greeks as the “not drunk” stone, a-methystos or amethyst was traditionally associated with Bacchus—the wine god of Greek mythology. In this system of belief, amethyst birthstone jewelry was capable of protecting the wearer from drunkenness and helped to provide a more balanced frame of mind. Considering that the amethyst birthstone color is similar to purple grapes, its presumed connection with wine is not surprising!

In a similar vein, Renaissance Europeans believed that the amethyst gemstone helped to calm young lovers who were drunk with passion, providing clarity of thought and a quick wit. The gem was featured in the collections of royalty across Europe and Asia, with Empress Catherine II of Russia (1729-1796) and Wallis, Duchess of Windsor being two of the most notable collectors of amethyst birthstone jewelry.

Geological Properties of the Amethyst Gemstone

A close-up of an amethyst geode displaying a varied amethyst birthstone color

A variety of quartz, amethyst forms in the cavities and fissures of volcanic rocks and can be found in colors ranging from pale lilac to deep violet. Since the 1970s, some amethyst birthstone jewelry has been produced using synthetic amethysts that are chemically identical to the natural stone. At AZEERA, we use only natural amethysts selected from the top 1% of gems worldwide.

Having a hardness rating of 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, amethysts are ideal for use in an everyday or engagement ring that will be worn frequently. It’s wise to keep in mind, however, that amethysts are not as hard as diamonds, rubies, or sapphires and may scratch unlike these other precious stones.

Where Amethysts Come From

Similar to aquamarines, amethysts used for amethyst birthstone jewelry can be found in large quantities in the mountainous regions of Brazil. The southern state of Rio Grande do Sul (meaning “great southern river”) has one of the most abundant concentrations of amethyst and contains amethyst-lined geodes that are large enough to stand in.

Heading east to Bolivia, we arrive at the Anahí mine where amethysts were discovered by a Spanish conquistador in the Pantanal wetlands in the 1600s. According to local tradition, this rich-purple gem was given to him as a dowry on the occasion of his marriage to Anahí, a princess from the Ayoreo tribe. Mysteriously, this mine of legend was forgotten for over three centuries before being rediscovered in the 1960s.

Other notable mines that supply gemstones for amethyst birthstone jewelry include the Kariba mine in Zambia and the Four Peaks mine in the Mazatzal Mountains—located just 46 miles out of Phoenix, Arizona.

Common Amethyst Treatments

To improve the amethyst birthstone color and clarity, rough amethyst gemstones are treated at high temperatures before going to the cutters for selection and faceting. This heat treatment removes most of the brown-colored inclusions and lightens the color of dark-purple amethysts for a more attractive medium hue.

While a heat-treated amethyst will hold its color with the normal rigors of everyday wear, this stone can continue to lighten if exposed to direct light. Because of this idiosyncrasy, an amethyst ring is best stored at home in your compartmentalized jewelry box when you’re heading off to the beach or plan to spend a lot of time in the sun.

Our Suggestions for Designing Amethyst Birthstone Jewelry

When designing amethyst gemstone jewelry online, we recommend choosing a solitaire, halo, or three-stone setting for an amethyst engagement ring or any of our everyday designs for a ring you can wear at home or on the job.

Setting your gemstone in a white gold band creates a delicious contrast against which the amethyst birthstone color really pops. Yellow gold is another popular metal for amethyst birthstone jewelry and the combination gives your finger a warm glow. A pair of amethyst gemstone cufflinks looks stunning with a grey suit and is a sure winner when worn at work and formal events.

Order Amethyst Birthstone Jewelry Online at AZEERA

While amethyst birthstone jewelry is extremely popular for its intense beauty and royal associations, this prized gemstone is also the traditional gift for sixth wedding anniversaries and as the center stone in antique and classic-style engagement rings.

Chat with our founders for individualized jewelry design advice and purchase a one-of-a-kind amethyst ring or cufflinks for the queen or king of your heart today!

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