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When you design your own gemstone ring in the AZEERA online store, you’ll have eight different metals to choose from for your ring. Each of these metals has their own looks, benefits, and properties which make them special. So which one is right for your ring?

  • White Gold 14K - If you love the look of platinum but don’t love the price, this is a great metal for your gemstone ring.
  • White Gold 18K -Offers the look of platinum and is heavier than the 14K version.
  • Yellow Gold 14K -The classic metal for gemstone rings and is easy on your budget.
  • Yellow Gold 18K - The more luxurious version of 14K yellow gold.
  • Rose Gold 14K - A vintage delicate metal that is becoming more popular.
  • Rose Gold 18K - A shade of pink darker and more luxurious than 14K pink gold.
  • Palladium - A durable hypoallergenic metal that won’t tarnish and is more budget friendly than platinum.
  • Platinum - The most luxurious and durable precious metal available in fine jewelry.

When you are picking a metal, the main things to keep in mind are your budget and your personal preference. The metal that you choose can greatly affect the price of your gemstone ring; for instance, a platinum ring is going to be more expensive than a 14K white gold ring with the exact same gemstones. And while it’s important to keep your budget in mind, be sure that you choose something that you love. If you prefer the look of yellow gold even though it’s less valuable than platinum, go with what you love. This will make designing your own gemstone ring more special and result in something you’ll love to wear for years to come.

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