Don’t Wait Till Mother’s Day: 3 Reasons To Create a Mother’s Ring Now

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Unique Mother’s Rings

You don’t have to buy unique mother’s rings just for Mother’s Day. These rings have a special history and rich symbolism that make them a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, and just because. Wondering what exactly a mother’s ring is and why your mom will probably love one? Learn more about the top three reasons you should create your own mother’s ring and buy one for her at AZEERA today!

What is a Mother’s Ring

A Mother’s ring is a multi-birthstone ring that represents all the children in your family. Depending on how many children you’re representing in your mother’s ring, you could have anywhere from a single gemstone to an eternity band full of them.

How to Create a Mother’s Ring

Petite Vicarati Amethyst Ring

Mother’s rings are typically created with a birthstone to represent each of her children. Just choosing a different gemstone for each child is enough to make each mother’s ring unique, as no two mothers gave birth to their children exactly the same!

If you’re an only child, you might want to choose a solitaire or halo ring to represent yourself in her jewelry. There are also great options for families that have multiple children, like two and three-stone rings. For extremely large families, the perfect choice may include a minimalist eternity band with enough stones for every child or a flamboyant cluster ring with enough stones to represent all the children!

Why Buy A Mother’s Ring

While Mother’s Day is just one reason to buy your mom a gift, you can buy the most important woman in your life a unique mother’s ring any time of the year!

1. A Memorable Gift

Customized jewelry is always a memorable gift. It is much more meaningful than any old gemstone ring simply because all of the extra thought and effort that goes into it. You also have the power to create a design that truly represents your mother. Whether she loves the Art Deco style or can’t live without her stackable rings, you’re making something that’s completely specific to her. At AZEERA, you can even get free engraving on the band to commemorate a special occasion or significant moment in your unique mother’s ring.

2. Full of Symbolism

Petite Bypass Alamba Blue Sapphire Ring

Being a mother is an incredibly fulfilling and challenging ordeal. Carrying a child to term and caring for it is a powerful experience for nearly every woman. Choosing a ring that encompasses all of her children and symbolizes the time, commitment, and effort it took to raise them is an amazing way to commemorate your mother’s sacrifice.

3. Perfect for Everyday

Because unique mother’s rings usually have to include multiple children, smaller gemstones are most appropriate. With these more delicate multi-birthstone rings, you create a design that doesn’t have to be worn for a special occasion — like a statement or cocktail ring. Let your mother show off her family everyday with a ring that’s casual and classic without overwhelming her other jewelry.

Shopping at AZEERA

Simple Floral Pave Devana Blue Sapphire Ring

AZEERA is the perfect place to create your unique mother’s ring because every one of our designs is completely customizable. Change out the different gemstones, metals, and even stone shapes to develop a completely original piece.

You can also collaborate with our artists on a custom design for something that’s even more remarkable and special. Reach out now to learn more about our customization options or to ask about our mother’s rings today!

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