Easter Treats: 5 Reasons to Fill Her Basket With Glittering Pastel Gemstones

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Easter Jewelry

With spring and summer just around the corner, pastel gemstones can be just what you need to enhance any look. From Easter celebrations to summer barbecues, there are tons of colors that match nearly every skin tone and outfit. Whether you’re buying for yourself or an important person in your life, Azeera is here to help you choose the perfect hue for anyone. With their subtle sparkle and shine, our gemstone rings can elevate her look for any event.

Ready to get started? Find your favorite colors and we’ll suggest the perfect gems to shop for Easter jewelry and more!

Gemstones & Skin Tone

There aren’t really any rules when it comes to choosing gemstone jewelry. You can truly do whatever you want. But, if you’re considering color theory and fashionable outfits as you shop Easter jewelry, you may benefit from matching skin tone to gem tone. At Azeera, there are some colors we love to see together, including:

  • Dark skin with pale yellow, purple, or teal
  • Light skin with lavender, orange, or blue
  • Medium skin with yellow, green, or aquamarine

There is one standout gemstone color: pink! It goes with every skin tone, hair color, and outfit you can imagine! When in doubt, we recommend shopping pink pastel gemstones!

1. Pink

pink tourmaline ring channel set in a three arm band design

You’re taking our advice and going straight to pink for your Easter jewelry, but you aren’t sure which gemstones are best. There are tons of pink stones out there in varying shades and price points. Some of the most popular include:

We love pairing tourmaline with rose gold and diamond accents to create a real showstopper, but you can also opt for pink everyday rings that have smaller stones and thinner bands.

Explore these pastel gemstones to find them in the shape and setting you want, or customize your design with Azeera.

2. Blue

Everybody loves a little bit of sky blue in their lives, but which gemstones will deliver that baby blue beauty? We actually have three different types of gemstones available in a cerulean hue that anyone will fall head over heels for! Explore Easter jewelry in blue with gemstones like:

Each of these stones has its own distinctive shade. The aquamarine is lightest and is often mistaken for diamond, while the blue sapphire is darkest and can be found in deep cobalt tones. There are lighter sapphire stones that fall along the lines of sky, arctic, or teal blues. Explore all our stones to find every shade of blue imaginable!

3. Green

delicate moon and star ring with peridot and aquamarine

Green is a very unique stone, especially when you get it in a light tone. We love pastel green gemstones because they remind us of spring and new beginnings.

When you think of green gems, you probably immediately consider emeralds, but emeralds are generally very dark green and cut in Art Deco geometric shapes and designs. They can often be bold and overwhelming instead of subtle and sophisticated. Instead of emerald, explore other green Easter jewelry like:

  • Peridot
  • Green Jadeite
  • Green Sapphire

Jadeite and green sapphire are a little more rare and can be tough to find, but peridot is typically plentiful. Azeera has exciting cocktail-style peridot rings that are real showstoppers as well as everyday peridot designs that you can complement with other gems for a unique, tonal look.

4. Purple

Everyone’s go-to purple stone is amethyst, and we agree, it’s the best choice for a purple pastel gemstone. If you prefer your Easter jewelry in royal purple, amethyst is the way to go. At Azeera, you can take your amethyst jewelry one step further when you mix and match other stones in a single design. Opt for complementary gem colors like pink tourmaline and aquamarine, or go analogous with citrine.

Easter Treats at Azeera

pastel flower gem ring with amethyst and citrine

If rings are your gift of choice, Azeera is the perfect place to shop! We offer ready-made designs that you can buy right away as well as DIY and full customization options. Create your own look when you play around with different gems in each design on our site or contact us for a consultation to build a ring from the ground up!

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