Creating Beautiful Rings Part 5: The Intricacies of Different Gemstone Cuts

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Part of the fun of creating custom gemstone rings is being able to play with different gemstone cuts and marvel at the ways in which each reflects light differently. Join us as we explore the nine gemstone shapes used at AZEERA and consider which cut might be right for you.

It’s All about Light

When we talk about the “cut” of a gemstone, we’re talking about the way its facets enhance the stone’s natural ability to bend light for that sparkle and brilliance we all love. This property is one of the 4Cs of gemstones that we use for grading our finished stones and is what we look for when matching our different gemstone cuts into sets.

Types of Gemstone Cuts

Above and beyond optimizing the depth and surface facets of the gem, we can create several different gemstone cuts to be used as the larger centerpiece stones in engagement rings and everyday rings. These are the options displayed in the “select shape” drop-down menu at the top of every category page.

Now, let’s take a look at each of these beautiful shapes, how they are fashioned, and how you might like to use each shape as part of a custom gemstone ring.

An AZEERA round blue sapphire ring with diamond in white gold


The most common of the different gemstone cuts, a round-cut gemstone features a circular face and faceted pavilion (the underside of the gem). The outer edge of the crown displays kite- and triangular-shaped facets, leading up to a flat “table” on the top through which you can see the light bouncing around the gem’s internal crystal structure. Round-cut gemstones are a classic choice for engagement-ring center stones and are also used as accent stones and for diamond pavé settings.

An AZEERA garnet halo cushion ring in white gold


The second in our list of different gemstone cuts, cushion-cut gemstones feature a square shape with clipped corners and display a high level of brilliance. The pavilion of this shape is faceted with a mixture of triangles and trapeziums on the longer sides and long, slender triangles on the shorter sides. On the crown, four different types of triangular facets lead up to the table to create a beautiful interplay of light and shadow. For a variation on the usual round stone, consider a larger cushion-cut gem for use in a halo setting, surrounded by delicate diamond pavé.

An AZEERA Swiss blue topaz halo oval ring in white gold


A more affordable alternative to round-cut, the oval is another of the most popular options among our types of gemstone cuts. An oval cut combines angled facets on the pavilion with two layers of triangular facets on the crown for a beautiful, multi-dimensional shimmer. An oval center stone looks elegant when displayed in a halo or solitaire setting and can be set vertically or horizontally.

An AZEERA citrine east-west solitaire ring in 14k white gold


In addition to its reference to the green-colored precious stone, “emerald” also describes a popular gemstone shape with a rectangular face and clipped corners. The emerald cut is known to maximize the color of the stone and retains more of the original weight of the stone than other cuts.

An important difference between an emerald cut and the three different gemstone cuts mentioned previously is that this shape features three levels of “step” facets on the up-facing side instead of the “brilliant” triangular facets used for rounds, cushion cuts, and oval cuts. For a unique engagement ring idea, consider an emerald-shaped center stone in a solitaire setting—placed vertically for a classic look or horizontally (an “east-west” setting) for increased stability.

 A white-gold blue sapphire halo three-stone pear shape ring


A pear-cut gemstone is an almost-rounded circle with one long, pointed end that makes it similar to a pear or teardrop in shape. Just like a cushion-cut gemstone, a pear cut gem returns a large amount of light (88.1%) and uses brilliant faceting on the up-facing side to maximize the internal and external light play. If you’re interested in different types of gemstone cuts, consider a pear-shaped stone for the centerpiece of your solitaire or halo engagement ring or as part of a unique three-stone setting with a round- or pear-shaped center stone.

A yellow-gold princess-cut peridot ring.


Of the different gemstone cuts, a princess cut is one of the least standardized—at least, historically—and generally works best for diamond rather than colored gemstones due to diamond’s higher refractive index (RI). Far from being a simple square, the princess cut offers a wonderful depth and fascination with layers of V-cuts up the pavilion and a step-cut crown with a tier of scissor cuts at the table. Consider a princess-cut center stone for a solitaire ring or with alternating diamonds for an eternity ring that pops with color.

A yellow-gold marquise amethyst ring.


The marquise shape is a combination of pear and oval, with a staggered pavilion and large, triangular facets on the crown. The table area is an unusual shape when compared to different gemstone cuts—looking something like a side-lying rectangle with a large triangle on the top and bottom. Often used with a bezel setting, marquise-shaped gemstones look stunning as the centerpiece or accent stone in modern rings and can be combined with other shapes for an asymmetrical effect.

A white-gold three-stone trillion AZEERA ring


The most unique option among the different gemstone cuts we use at AZEERA is the trillion cut. This gemstone shape looks similar to a rounded equilateral triangle with brilliant faceting on the crown and three-way symmetry across the up-facing side. We recommend placing trillion-cut stones as accents on either side of a round center stone for a dazzling engagement ring that is sure to stun.

Be Dazzled by the AAA-Quality Gemstone Rings at AZEERA

When shopping for an engagement ring, wedding ring, or simply an everyday ring for celebrating life, you can be assured that the different gemstone cuts used in our custom rings are of the highest quality possible, with every stone shining at its brightest. Schedule a call with our founders for personalized advice about our types of gemstone cuts as you design your perfect ring today!

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