Getting Lucky: Bejeweled Treasures at the End of the Rainbow

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Have you ever looked up at a rainbow in the sky and imagined finding a pot of gold at the end? This March, you might just get lucky and find a gift of sparkling gemstone jewelry! The treasures of legends and folklores, there are two main gemstones to look out for in March: the sea-blue aquamarine that makes up March birthstone jewelry, and the luminous peridot often utilized in St. Patrick's Day gifts!

March Birthstone Aquamarine Jewelry

Petite Modern Bezel Oval Andakrti Aquamarine Ring

The gemstone of the sea, aquamarine — whose name literally means “water of the sea” — was selected as the traditional birthstone for March in 1912 when the National Association of Jewelers (Jewelers of America) put together the official list. The crystal-clear blue of this gem goes beautifully with any skin tone and represents clarity, tranquility, and soothing calmness.

To create beautiful March birthstone jewelry for your pot of jewels, we recommend a solitaire or bezel setting in 14k white or rose gold. The larger carat of this stunning gem will highlight its mesmerizing beauty and make it a statement piece that can’t be missed.

St. Patrick's Day Gifts

Petite Modern Bezel Guccha Peridot Ring

If you weren’t born in the right month to qualify for March birthstone jewelry, there’s no reason to worry! You can still add to your pot of jewels by selecting sparkling green peridot rings or cufflinks as St. Patrick’s Day gifts. Moreover, you can impress those who inquire about your jewelry by explaining the legend of St. Patrick!

According to the legend, a young British Catholic by the name of Patrick was kidnapped by Irish raiders and carried into slavery in Ireland in the second half of the 5th century, where he experienced a religious renaissance while herding sheep in the Irish countryside. He then went back to Britain to become a priest and returned to Ireland as a Catholic missionary and bishop.

Attempting to explain his beliefs to an Irish unbeliever, St. Patrick is famously said to have shown the man a three-leaved shamrock to explain the concept of the Christian Holy Trinity. The shamrock has since become the primary symbol that is worn and painted on people’s faces on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17. Now, you can design your own St. Patrick’s Day gifts as a jewelry homage to this classic Irish tale!

St. Patrick’s Day Gifts for Gemstone Lovers

Ara Gemstone Peridot Cufflinks

If you know someone who’s Irish, Catholic, or simply loves leprechauns, give them a St. Patrick’s Day gift that will endure for years to come. Mark the day in style by designing unique peridot jewelry that you can gift to them as a perfectly-themed surprise. Also known as “evening emerald,” peridot is an affordable green gemstone that emits a special glow in the day and night. Lean into the history behind the day with a three-leaved bezel design at the center of a ring of gold, or with circle-with-cross cufflinks with peridot gems at their centers. However you choose to embed the gemstone, it’s sure to shine wonderfully!

Order Dazzling Gemstone Jewelry from AZEERA

At AZEERA, we are committed to producing the highest-quality ethical gemstone jewelry for every occasion in life. From engagement and wedding rings to March birthstone jewelry, St. Patrick's Day gifts, and graduation gifts, our jewelry will enhance any special occasion on the horizon. As you browse our unique and original designs, you’ll see that every ring can be customized with the gemstones and metal type of your choice. Additionally, we can create custom rings from scratch upon request! To inquire about this service, please schedule a call with our founders to share your vision with them.

Are you inspired by our March birthstone jewelry and St. Patrick's Day gift ideas? Be sure to browse our complete range of jewelry to create your very own pot of treasures!

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